New Bugaboo Cameleon3 – ‘A Day In The Life’!

I love my Bugaboo buggies! I have not a bad word to say about the Bee and not one single niggle with my Donkey either. They are both very different though and serve entirely different purposes in my life so I really do need them both – well that’s what I tell my husband anyway, who doesn’t really understand why we need to keep the Bee now that we have the Donkey… I couldn’t part with the Bee though! She was my first buggy and I’ve walked miles with her with my children tucked up inside. All over London, day after day and she’s always served us very well!

I just think there’s something super special about a Bugaboo and long before I had children I knew that when I did it was going to be this brand that I chose. Back then it was because of the way they look but these days that’s just a bonus. If you’ve ever pushed a buggy you’ll know how difficult some of them can be. Only yesterday I was passing on an old umbrella fold which I had for holidays and telling my friend that it is a bit like an unwieldy shopping trolley. With a Bugaboo it’s just not like that. Even with the Donkey in double mode it’s the best push by far when compared to other buggies and can be spun using only one finger! But the push, well that’s just the very beginning of a long line of reasons why I would always have a Bugaboo. I know, without ever having pushed one properly that the other buggy in their line up, the Cameleon, is just the same and the new version, the Cameleon3 looks absolutely stunning to boot!

We push our buggies for miles upon miles upon miles! It is the one baby item you will use every day for years and it will see so much with you. For this reason you need it to be spot on and I can, hand on heart say that Bugaboo are entirely spot on with every single detail. If you have a different brand of buggy then think about your days out. Take a typical day in the life and see what you would change? Click on this link to see a video of  ‘a day in the life of the Cameleon3’. Looks like a pretty exciting day huh! I’ll have to make ‘A day in the life’ videos for my two buggies too – I’d love that!

The Cameleon3 in Sahara – Special Edition

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