Have A Nice Cup Of Tea!

A nice cup of tea… everyone loves one. My Mum loves it so much that when she goes on holiday she even takes her own tea bags with her because she doesn’t think you can get a strong enough cup on the continent. She likes it dark and strong and probably drinks about ten cups a day. I love tea too but I’m very different in my drinking, I very rarely have an English Breakfast and if I do then it’s always caffeine free. I prefer herbal teas, loose petals and fruit infusions, I guess we all have our own style when it comes to the drinking don’t we? The thing is, although everyone takes their tea differently from the builders who have it milky and sweet in thick bottomed mugs to the delicate elderly ladies who prefer floral ‘Lady Grey’ with lemon in a bone china tea cup, we are a nation who loves their tea.

Tea is not only the best loved drink of our country but it is also steeped in history and there is a physical beauty to tea that I find fascinating. Teas with flowers that burst open inside the cup absolutely intrigue me and loose petals can look absolutely stunning and almost provide a work of art on the table.

I find tea mesmerising to look at when it's delivered like this!
I find tea mesmerising to look at when it’s delivered like this!

I also love how we drink tea and have a collection of beautiful mis-matched bone china tea cups and saucers because for Jimmy’s first birthday party we held a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ for him. My Mum and I collected them from charity shops and one day I hope to have a kitchen big enough for a side board where I can display them all and offer them to people who come around for tea!

Tea made with real petals is so pleasing to both the eye and the taste buds!
Tea made with real petals is so pleasing to both the eye and the taste buds!

A couple of week’s ago I went to an event held by Moonpig.com, the online card and gifting service. One of the things they sell as a gift is tea from The English Tea Shop and as well as having a lovely time recreating bouquets of flowers from the Moonpig collection, learning about calligraphy and their brand in general they treated us to a tea tasting master class which was lots of fun.

So, tea as a gift? Well yes, actually, it seems that tea can indeed be a wonderful present for someone you love! Not only is The English Tea Shop tea beautiful both on the inside of the bag and on the packaging but it also comes in delicious flavours which would be ideal for someone who is poorly as a pick me up or just as a treat for someone who loves tea – like most of us!

The English Tea Company teas are many!
The English Tea Shop teas are many!

Often when you buy a bagged tea they smell rather good but don’t really taste of much and the beautiful loose leaves and petals are mushed down! Not so with The English Tea Shop as although they use individual bags making it a much easier process than straining, they also put all of the natural products in their beautiful original state inside the bag rather than massively over processing it. Pretty leaves and petals but with the convenience much needed most of the time is perfect! 

Tea is not only beautiful to look at but it holds so many properties for so many different things. Healing, energising, slimming… All sorts! I’ve been enjoying lots of different flavours from The English Tea Shop including their ‘Loving Care’ range which has a slimming tea! (I’ll let you know if I get any thinner ;-)) and favourites from their other ranges are the chocolate, roisbois and vanilla as well as the lemon zest and ginger. My husband also says the traditional Engliah Beeakfast is thoroughly drinkable! 

The English Tea Company 1
The Loving Care range!

I would absolutely gift tea to people as it’s something really unusual and with people like my Grandmother especially, it would give her a yummy treat without any sugar. She is diabetic and finding yummy treats for her is often quite hard. She’s been poorly recently and I think the perfect tea for her would be ‘Energise Me’ from the ‘Loving Care’ range.

So, now I have ALL these teas to keep trying! Lovely, I shall be in my element drinking lots of The English Tea Shop’s teaand will remember it for gifts for the future. The passion of the company really shows in their products and I’ve enjoyed mine very much! 

The English Tea Shop sent me a selection of their teas for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. I can’t stand tea. Or hot drinks in general except hot chocolate. They sound nice though

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