No Oil Painting!

A headline for The Mirror flashed up in my Facebook feed (I hate that) this morning about a woman called Josie Cunningham who thinks breast feeding is borderline incest. I don’t read The Mirror but for some reason I decided to click on the link and see this story in full.

The first line told me that model Josie Cunningham shot to fame in 2009 when she had a boob job on the NHS. This was news to me, I actually read quite a lot of celebrity based magazines but I had never heard of her until today. Perhaps The Mirror and my versions of fame differ slightly? The article went on to inform me that Josie is known for her controversial opinions and has in the past (according to The Mirror) terminated a pregnancy so as not to miss out on the chance to appear in Big Brother. She does sound delightful doesn’t she!

Apparently she Tweeted this:

wish people would stop asking if I’m breast feeding like Kimberly Walsh. No I’m not! I think the idea is vile and borderline incest!

There of course was a furore around her Tweet and she decided to say a bit more. I hear this is what came next:

People saying its natural…. Maybe it was before powdered milk – in the same way it was ‘natural’ to walk around naked before clothes.

And then this:

But you would soon kick off if I started walking around naked. It’s time to change.

And people are up in arms about it. I checked Twitter and seriously, people are going crazy. I’m not entirely sure I understand why though? OF COURSE she is wrong. I’m baffled that anyone thinks these sorts of things and as a breast feeder myself I find it abhorrent that there is at least one person in the world who considers the act ‘borderline incest’. It’s very, very odd. But what is more than odd is that it is scary.

It’s truly frightening to realise that there are such thick people in the world and even worse that they are reproducing. Whatever kind of life will the child of Josie whatsit live? Her Mummy doesn’t even know that her breast milk could potentially stop her child from getting all sorts of illnesses by passing on immunities so I’m sure she’s not going to be able to answer many questions about anything else on any other topic. THAT is what people should be getting upset about, not the fact that this dim wit has such a horrible attitude.

This is a woman who believes she does know who the father of her child is. This is a woman who two weeks after giving birth is Tweeting about not being able to wait until Friday when she’s ‘going on the piss’. This is a woman who can’t even spell correctly when she’s writing her outrageous warble!

I guess there’s nothing that can be done for Josie herself, she was probably dragged up just like she will drag her own sproglet up. I suspect her parents didn’t read to her or cuddle her when she was naughty and try to understand why. I would say it’s highly likely her own parents set a bad example in every way just as she is already doing for her own baby. This baby will grow up and be just like Josie. It won’t know how to use its brain and be a decent human being and it too will think things are acceptable that simply are not.

I’m not judging people who bottle feed. If you want to do that then go ahead, I don’t care, not my baby so not my worry and you do what you want. I’m not judging people who have terminations, there are very good reasons why people need them and I am absolutely not against it. But this Josie is clearly a different kettle of fish. To not breast feed because you think it’s borderline incest and to abort a pregnancy because you want to be on a reality television show. It’s proof of her thickness and to think, if someone else, someone who really wanted a baby, could love that little bundle Josie clearly doesn’t deserve, then she could grow up being a decent human being with a brain. THIS is the thing people need to be up in arms about. That there is a baby who could grow up good but inevitably she will grow up just like her mother. What a shame…

P.S, I still can’t get over the fact she calls herself a model… Not being funny but take a look… She’s no oil painting!

5 thoughts on “No Oil Painting!

  1. I read it yesterday and tbh I wasn’t surprised by her comments….This is the woman who wanted an abortion so she could go on Big Brother to boost her career after all and the one who was selling tickets to her birth…….attention seeking imo

  2. I find it quite sad that newspapers will print the drivel she spouts and provide a platform for her to try and offend as many people as she can. I also feel sad for her child, hopefully when old enough he/she will rebel against his/her upbringing and become a lovely person.

    I’ve just discovered your blog via twitter and Aldi and I’m looking forward to having a good read!

    1. Thank you. And yes it is very sad. I really don’t get why they do, I mean she’s a nobody. I seriously had never heard of her and I only wanted to read the story as it said ‘celebrity Josie’ and I wanted to know WHO?!

  3. Hehe this made me chuckle. What a weirdo! I had no idea who she was either, plus when I DID see her photo after googling, I STILL didn’t have a clue! You’re absolutely right, it’s the child we should feel sorry for!

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