Am I Just An Old Lady?!

I’m feeling old and hoping against reasonable hope that I don’t look it too…

I’ve noticed for a while now that professionals are looking younger and younger and then it dawned on me… They’re not looking any younger than they ever were before, the difference is that I am now just so much older than I ever was before!

I wrote a while back (here) about a night out in Shoreditch I had. It used to be my playground and I hated the fact that every boney hip down Brick Lane was mocking me for even daring to turn up with my old eyes and a bottom clearly not worthy of vintage (or otherwise) leather pants… I concluded however that really and truly they could have it, I was done and who cared… But… I still kind of (really) want to be young. And pretty. and glamorous. And thin!

People that said things like ‘My goodness the Doctor is just a whipper snapper’ were not people like me, they were people like my Mum! Alas, I fear I’ve turned into her! Not that it’s all bad, she’s wonderful my Mum but I can’t imagine her sipping cocktails till dawn!

This week I asked two of my daughter’s teachers how old they are. One of them said 28 and a half (that made me laugh) and the other is just 23. TWENTY FUCKING THREE! And it made me feel old. I hate thinking of myself in my thirties because honestly I just feel the same as I always did! I love to go out and party (it does take me a few more days to recover) and I enjoy giggling like teenagers with my mates.

This summer I went to Camp Bestival with the family and some friends and their little ones. It was honestly awesome and quite literally the only place I’ve been where it’s totally acceptable to have a baby on your back and a can of larger in your hand. One of my friends who was camping with us is the delectable Katy from Modern Mummy. We are pretty much the same age and she’s a goddess to fashion so it shows me perhaps I’m not totally over the hill. Although we were mainly there for family fun, Katy and I sloped off for quite a few jaunts about the festival leaving the Dads in charge. That festival made me feel young and Katy inspires me to be as young as I feel with her amazing and wonderful style advice. It is, after all, about how old you feel and not about how old you actually are!

Katy is the founder of the New Year New You Style Project which hands out daily hints to inspire your wardrobe and give you a helping hand into feeling how you want to feel about yourself. I don’t join in nearly as much as I need to but I’m going to start as soon as I’m back from my little holiday next week. Seriously, follow #NYNYStyleProject over on Twitter and Instagram, join in and let the Katy effect take hold.

So, all the teachers and Doctors and lawyers are twenty three… But I still feel it too so there! (And ta Katy, you’re a peach)!

Camp Bestival 51

Me and Katy at Camp Bestival, a moment of girlie giggles and some sort of cocktail in a funny dance tent… (I guess if I was younger I’d know what sort of music it was)! Please appreciate I’d been sleeping in a tent before you judge my appearance here, I promise I’ll try better in future when I’m joining in with the #NYNYStyleProject!

5 thoughts on “Am I Just An Old Lady?!

  1. I never think of you as old. (But then I think you are younger than me) you are one of the coolest people I know. Whenever I see you I think “oh I wish I could wear that”
    I am glad Katy has inspired you to not feel that way. I am looking forward to seeing your pics.

    Loving the new blog look xox

  2. Bloody love you Ruth xxxx But like I said on your Facebook page, you’re cool and beautiful and have a cracking figure – and you make me jealous because you’re clever and not afraid to speak out about stuff! That said I’m THRILLED you’re joining in with the NYNYStyleProject 🙂 YAY! x x x x

  3. as they say your only as old as you feel, and me at 437 i believe that, i have 5 kids and a grandson and they keep me feeling young at heart 🙂

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