Online Shop for CBD Oil vs. Retailer: Which Is Better?

Online Shop for CBD Oil vs. Retailer: Which Is Better?

CBD has become one of the fastest-growing areas within the natural health and supplement industry. People are becoming increasingly aware of what CBD is and the many health benefits that it can offer.

Given the sudden rise in demand for CBD products, it is not surprising that finding it is now incredibly easy. CBD products are available both from online stores and physical retailers. There is also an extensive range of products ensuring an option for every mood, lifestyle, and health demand.

With such a wide selection of CBD oil for sale, it’s not always easy to know where the best places to shop are.

Some people prefer the hassle-free shopping experience of purchasing CBD online and having it delivered directly to their door. On the other hand, some find the personal experience of purchasing CBD from a retail store preferable.

So, which option is better for purchasing CBD, shopping online, or heading to a local retailer?

Online Shops

There has been a considerable shift in how people shop over the last decade. While most people used to think very little of heading to their local mall at least once a week to pick up a few much-needed items, this is no longer the case.

Large shopping centers are now mostly reserved for rare shopping treat days or those few items that benefit from being seen in person before purchasing. Instead, most day-to-day shopping is done online.

The convenience of purchasing something quickly with just a few clicks from the comfort of one’s own home and then having it delivered within a few days has completely changed how people shop.

When purchasing CBD oil, what are the main benefits of shopping online?

#1 – Access to an Endless Range of Products

One of the main reasons why shopping online is so popular is that customers can access more brands and product options than would ever be possible in a retail store.

Retail stores are limited by space and therefore cannot display every single product. In contrast, when shopping online, there are absolutely no limits. Companies can provide the information for all their products on their website, making them accessible to customers.

Finding the right CBD products can be a personal experience as not all options will provide the same effects for everyone. Therefore having access to as many products as possible can make the difference between finding the perfect CBD solution and having to settle for providing that does not truly satisfy.

#2 – Ability to Shop Slowly and Mindfully

When shopping online, there are no time constraints.

Customers can browse products, save them to their basket and then come back hours and even days later to decide if they are happy with their choices.

Comparing products is also much easier when shopping online as you can have multiple sites open simultaneously. Customers can take their time to compare and ensure that they are purchasing the best products to suit their needs.


While shopping in person is quickly becoming a thing of the past, there are still a few benefits that draw people to malls and town centers.

Some people prefer the experience of shopping in person and the ability to see and hold what they buy before having to part with their money.

Others find shopping online to be too much of a minefield and, despite traveling to a retail store, find the experience much quicker and more efficient.

Why are so many people choosing to purchase CBD oil from retailers?

#1 – No Wait Times

While delivery times for online purchases are getting faster, there will always be a wait time between when a purchase is made and the items arriving at the door.

The need to wait is gone when shopping in person in a retail store. Simply select products off the shelf, pay for them, and start using them. Not having to wait for products is a considerable advantage, especially for customers looking to start using CBD immediately to help with current ailments such as pain from an injury.

#2 – Less Likely to Return Products

When shopping online, it can be tricky to know whether you will be happy with your purchase. There are times when being able to hold and see a product can make a big difference.

It is not surprising that people are much more likely to return CBD products when purchased online than store purchases. Online returns take time and require extra effort from the customer. Packaging, completing forms, and then returning to the post office can all be avoided when shopping in person.

Even when retail products need to be returned, the process is usually much quicker. There is rarely a need for packaging and form filling. The process of receiving the refunded money is also usually much quicker and, with some stores, can be almost instant.

Online Shops vs. Retailers – The Winner

There are clear advantages to both shopping online and shopping in person.

When choosing new CBD products, it can be beneficial to be able to see products in an actual store. Also, speaking to sales staff and asking questions can help when choosing between different products.

However, the range of options available online can also be a huge benefit, alongside the ability to compare across sites and make decisions over days rather than while standing in a store.

There is no best option when it comes to shopping for CBD. Everyone has their preferred shopping style, some of which are better suited to calm, slow, online shopping, while others prefer the interaction of heading to an actual store.

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