Our Degree Daddy!

Not many people know this but my husband is doing a degree at the moment with the hope of training to become a teacher afterwards. I’m so proud of him because he started his Open University course only a few months after we had Florence. He had a new baby and a full time job but in order to make life better for us all he still went ahead and signed himself up for this extra hard work.

It’s amazing that he’s doing so well and he continues to get marks in the region of 80-90% for his assignments. That is simply fantastic when you consider that he hasn’t been at school or in the swing of study in over 15 years! He comes home from work, has his tea, helps with the children and then holes himself up in our bedroom until I want to go to bed. We then swap rooms and he sits in the living room until late at night reading his books.

I’m not saying he’s perfect. Far from it! He gets tired and moody and we argue because the house is a mess or the children aren’t asleep or something in general has annoyed him! It’s definitely not easy having him study, not for any of us at times but it is him that is making the massive sacrifice and I’m just saying he’s wonderful for it. He’s wonderful because he’s doing it, he’s not given up and he won’t. I think, had I had the stamina to start it in the first place, that I would have done! Jonny is doing all this for his family and I had to write it down because we are so very proud of him!

He even still finds the time to go out and gig, he’s an amazing musician in case you didn’t know!

We come and stay at my Mum’s from time to time, like now in half term, to give him time to just really focus and get the work down. We miss him! We look forward to June each year when the work stops until October because we have more of him but we’d never wish he wasn’t doing it! In two years time he will probably be teaching and we will be even more proud of our lovely Daddy! Lots of people can’t be bothered or don’t think it’s worth it or flake out. Not my man! Not our Daddy!

We Love Jonny

Florence’s T-Shirt says how we all feel about our lovely Daddy!


We do miss Daddy when we’re away but we have had lots of lovely Halloween fun too! We’ve cooked spooky recipes, dressed up and even went trick or treating (only to my Mum’s best friend’s house)! Florence has always liked Halloween. She’s just like me I think and wants any excuse for a party! This year she’s rarely taken her Halloween outfit off and has worn it out to play, to the shops and just round the house! It was certainly worth the money even though I found a brand new one with the tag that I must have picked up in the sale last year. It had a £1 price written on it and is this year’s size… Oh well, it’s only £1 and she’s been dressed up so much that it did for when the other one (her favourite one) was being washed!

She loves pretending to be a witch but not as much as she loves my Mum’s cats climbing in her doll’s moses basket! I told her that when I was little I used to dress my cats up in dolls clothes and now I think it’s given her ideas!


A cat baby is very pleasing for little dressed up witches!

Jimmy has had fun too but I’d say his passed down from Florence spider outfit was more tolerated than loved! What he’s been enjoying is playing with all the toys in the play room! My Mum has lots, some are my old ones and some are new, Jimmy’s taken a real shine to Iggle Piggle from ‘In The Night Garden’ and has been cuddling him all the time, pushing him round in the buggy and watching the show with him – super sweet!

Jimmy IggleP2

A little Iggle Piggle fan I think!

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