Our Very Own ‘Swap And Save With Aldi’ Video!

Aldi asked some of their shoppers to take part in their ‘Swap and Save’ challenge. 8 weeks using Aldi for their weekly shop instead of their usual supermarket. They asked them to make videos to explain how much they saved by taking part! One person saved as much as £46.54 a week! Amazing!

About the same time we were conducting our own Aldi test. We did a shop at Tesco and then a like for like shop at Aldi another week and we saved £30! I wrote about it here! How could we not have carried on shopping there after that! I think we have made even more savings since and think it’s more like a £36 saving on average per week! How utterly wonderful!

Aldi asked us if we’d like to make our own ‘Swap and Save’ video so we said a big absolute yes! We are always happy to shout about how much we love Aldi and how impressed with everything we are but most importantly Florence, who is VERY picky about food, thinks Aldi is fab too! We thought it would be fun for Florence to make the video and she loved being a television presenter!

I gave Florence her cue for each shot by raising my hand and at one point I forgot but I thought it’d be fun to keep the part in with her saying ‘You haven’t put your hand up’! I’ve also talked lots on the blog about Florence’s love of all things ‘Union Jack’ or ‘Jubilee’ as she calls it and I loved her noticing the Aldi eggs have the flag she loves so much on their packaging! I hope you like our video and if you haven’t been yet then get to Aldi! Get ‘Swapping and Saving’ too!

I have not been paid to write this post.