Pancake Day – Warburtons Have Their Name All Over It!

My friends at Warburtons asked me if I’d like some pancakes to try ahead of pancake day next month!

Never one to turn down a bit of carbohydrate and I selflessly accepted – Well, I’m kind like that and if I don’t try the pancakes for them then someone else would have to do it wouldn’t they! I’m nothing if not giving!

I expected a packet of pancakes…

What I actually got was an all singing (absolutely true) box of pancakes with a whole host of ingredients to zshoosh them up!

They sent pancetta, chocolate, feta cheese, mint, lime, popping candy, dried banana, coconut and oh so much more!

I didn’t know where to begin but handily the box (which sang, did I mention that bit?) had a spinning arrow to give me some recipe ideas and make the decisions for me!

Not that my lot needed tips, tricks or indeed fancy ingredients! All three of them, Jimmy Florence AND Jonny, immediately after gawping at the musical box, declared they wanted chocolate!

Take a look at our amazing pancake surprise!

Thanks Warburtons, we love the pancakes, we love the toppings and we LOVE the singing box which is very en vogue for us as we’ve just read, been to see at the theatre AND seen the film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

If you want to view paradise… Have a Warburtons pancake this Tuesday March the 4th!

I was sent some Warburtons pancakes in VERY fancy packaging in return for an honest review. Which we’ve given. And we were not swayed by the box because the pancakes were every bit as delicious as the box was amazing! 

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