Pippeta – Breast Feeding Essentials!

Pippeta – Breast feeding Essentials!

I’m a massive advocate of breast feeding having fed all four of my children, well, still breast feeding my just turned three year old! I’ve actually fed all of them until they were three and something and I don’t think Posie is likely to stop any time soon but you know what, they don’t half surprise you these kiddos when it comes to feeding so we shall see!

Breast feeding on the go – I’m all about ease!

I really struggled to get established with Florence and nearly gave up on more than one occasion. I got mastitis after not getting the latch quite right and at two weeks with a nipple that looked like it might just drop off, the option was given to me that perhaps I should seriously think about switching to formula. And that would have been fine, probably, in fact, the right choice considering how poorly I felt but I’m glad however that I persevered. Because I was determined to not be beaten (I’m a bit like that, if I think I “can’t” do something I’m damned if I won’t) it has gifted me many years in the joys and trenches of breastfeeding. I use both ends of the spectrum to describe it becasue it really is both, and everything in between!

It’s a tie and often a burden, yet there’s nothing I’d rather do. Breast feeding is a full time job in the beginning, one where you don’t get paid! It’s also one which can be excruciatingly painful but, somehow it also can switch to being the most comfortable thing in the world. Throughout all the emotions, I would never change a thing about doing it. For me, it has gifted the most special moments between me and my babes.

Breast feeding is hard work in the early days – you need lots of TV to get you through!

One, perhaps downside, is that no one else can help. And no one else gets to experience those special moments feeding the baby. So, if you can then I’d say express and bottle feed too, even if you are exclusively breast milk only like I have been. My first never took a bottle, not at all and I wonder if it’s because we tried to introduce it a bit too late in the day. With the others I’ve tried right at the beginning and had some success. Jimmy was a bottle dreamer, the other two… Fairweather but they’d take one if they had to and that made being able to accept help so much easier.

Pumping isn’t easy mind, it’s not the easy alternative and my hats come off to those women who have to do it for work and take on yet another full time role of pumping milk alongside everything else. I always pumped in a “just in case” way but I did it every day. I find if you feed one side and pump the other it helps get more of a let down and collect bigger supplies of milk but getting a good pump is paramount.

Pippeta make discreet, hands-free breast pumps and milk collectors which can be worn inside the bra. You can get on with daily life and collect milk as you go. You can also keep collecting one side while you feed the other. Some pumps in this style are WILDLY expensive, these ones are really affordable and with different sizes and styles to choose from, as well as helpful accessories, there’s something to suit all lifestyles. They even have a “breast making” course so that you can learn all the tips and tricks ahead of time rather than learning on the job!

And for feeding that liquid gold to your babe, their bottles are pretty lovely too. Pippeta premium Milk Storage Bottles (with teats and lids) make storing your breast milk easy and stylish. Designed in the UK and made from High Borosilicate Glass, they are BPA-free and lightweight, perfect for on the go mums. They can be used to both feed the baby but also to store, and even freeze, the collected milk! Of course you can also use these stylish bottles to feed your baby whichever milk you’ve chosen and works for you. Formula, breast, fed is always best! The pressure I put on myself was harsh in the beginning, you sort of learn stuff like that as you get older and think back and though I am so glad I managed to feed all my babies, I went through the mill, my advice now would be go gently on yourself, babies are hard work without adding in other pressures, and they really just want a cuddle and some food which will be given with love, whatever it is so try not to heap extra loads on!

These bottles are gorgeous and won’t ever go cloudy like plastic bottles – I love that! They can be used to transport milk with no leaks as the lids are water tight and they’re heat resistant too so can be warmed with milk, and later on pureed food, in them too! Then, when baby is a bit older they have the most gorgeous range of silicon weaning plates, bowls, cuttler and cups! Lush!


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