Precious Babies.

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Occasionally something happens which makes you remember just how lucky you are . I wouldn’t say that I ever take for granted that I have my two beautiful children but I sometimes forget to think about the struggles other people go through with poorly little ones. Having been in hospital with Jimmy this weekend I saw just how lucky I am as some of the children were very poorly indeed. Jimmy had a rather bad tummy bug the poor thing but at least we knew what it was, that it would get better and that it was just a few days. I couldn’t help but think how sad it must be to have a poorly child all of the time, sad for the parents and the children and it just affirms that I can never take for granted my children’s health. We put all our faith in the medical practitioners looking after our little ones and watching the staff at the hospital we were in made me see how understaffed they were while they were doing such an important job; that can’t be right can it? They do such a marvellous job but how can they be expected to see everything when there clearly isn’t enough of them?

I can’t imagine and don’t want to imagine how awful it must be to have something happen to your baby, my friend and his girlfriend recently lost their little girl when she was born prematurely and I suspect they didn’t get the best care they possibly could have done. I wonder now if this was down to the fact our Doctors and nurses are so stretched. His girlfriend was sent away from Doctors twice being told she just had water or kidney infections and even at A&E after being told what her Doctor had said they agreed it was nothing more than a kidney infection. It was only when the pain got worse and worse while she was at the hospital that an obstetrician was finally called and they were informed she was actually in labour. By that stage obviously there was nothing that could be done and when her baby girl was born breathing but before the 24 week viability stage they could make no intervention. I’m not sure how I feel about that if I’m honest but I know if it were me, in that moment and as she did, I would beg them to do something and obviously they wouldn’t be able to. I don’t know, I really don’t but there was a great amount of time from when she first sought help to when the worst happened for them and I wonder if staff shortages meant she didn’t receive some care that could have stopped her labour. These people are looking after our precious babies when they are poorly, before, during and after they are born. There should be no staff shortages and no waiting. There should never be any doubt as to the care they are given. I know how lucky I am, my baby was poorly but didn’t need as much attention as others on the ward, thank goodness. However his Doctors and nurses were the same ones needed for all the children. There should have been more of them and it was obvious there was a great lack. babies are precious, we need more nurses and Doctors working with them, it’s plainly obvious to me, I wonder why David Cameron has such a hard time seeing it?


So it’s been a mixed week really because interspersed with some lovely activities, both of them have been quite poorly with gastroenteritis. Poor Jimmy was so poorly with it he even had to over night in the hospital as I mentioned above, which was just horrid. They at least had some lovely activities to do when they got better though and didn’t miss out on any of the fun! Jimmy took a rain check from the Halloween Party we had round my friend’s but Florence still got to go. He was so poorly bless him but he kept smiling in true Jimmy fashion, even when they put a tube up his nose! I have a very special boy there! Before they got ill we took part in the Red Cross First Aid Challenge at The Baby Show which was really interesting and very helpful indeed, it’s so important to know! I also enjoyed seeing Professor Robert Winston at the show, what a coup to have him on their stage and it kind of made up for the fact the crèche was so bad this time. The crèche has always been brilliant in the past so we kind of had high expectations and Florence had talked about going with excitement as she remembered it from last February but she was begging to come out this time… It was so dirty I expect the bug they picked up was there. But seeing professor Robert Winston was amazing and he even answered my question about prolonged breast-feeding. I asked him if it had any detrimental effects on the body and if it could have contributed to my low iron levels but he said not and he was also very pragmatic about me still feeding at nearly 3 and said I’d stop when WE were ready! He also mentioned that in many cultures they feed for much longer so why shouldn’t I? Great advice! The next day we went to the Winx Club Doll Launch which was so much fun! Winx Dolls were new to us but I don’t think we’ll be forgetting them any time soon, those with little girls will probably know why! Then once they were better I took Florence to the theatre to see Ben and Holly Live which was awesome and just the treat she needed after being so poorly. Jimmy got some Gram time with my Mum and relaxed at home which was probably just what he needed after his week! (just click on the links to find out more)!

Professor Robert Winston on stage at The Baby Show and just before he answered my question. He called us to the front of the stage so he could see Florence properly and said she is lovely! Only makes me like him more, what a nice man!

Florence absolutely loved Halloween last year and remembered all the things we’d done and wanted to do them again! She decided when carving our pumpkin that she wanted him to have a smiley face and not be too scary which was super sweet! We then had a fabulous time ‘doing Halloween’ with my friend Sam and her boys. They live on a really lovely estate where they know everyone so trick or treating was on the cards and Florence thought it was superb! We had a little party which Asda provided most of the party food and decorations for and the children had such a good time playing ‘pass the pumpkin’ and a game where they dressed up like mummies! Asda really do get in the ‘spirit’ (scuse the pun) of things and provide such wonderfully festive things at really great prices! It’s bonfire night next and they’ve also got some brill deals for that! As if the party and trick or treating wasn’t enough, when we got back my Mum had turned her house into a spooky lair with a chocolate Halloween hunt waiting for her! So much chocolate, she’s going to turn into a bar of it soon!

Us carving our pumpkin!

Our Halloween party! Love my friend’s spider lashes from Asda!

The team at Asda getting festive with their own party for Halloween!

While we were in Norwich I enjoyed having Jimmy in the room with me as the cot is at the foot of the bed in my room at my Mum’s but at home that’s just not possible, we just don’t have the room. With him being ill if I’d been at home and if I didn’t have a baby monitor I’d have had to sleep on his floor I think. I’m so glad we have the one from Lindam that we do or I’d have been really panicking about going home. I love to have my babies close, so close I like to co-sleep but Jonny really doesn’t want to do that anymore as he says he doesn’t sleep but without my monitor there’s no way I’d agree! It’s a good compromise for me.

Just before we go, don’t forget if you’re into competitions and you fancy a family challenge then all the details on how to create a LEGO vehicle and enter it to be possibly chosen for the new LEGO movie are on this link!

And for one final P.S I must tell you about two things Jimmy’s has been enjoying recently and will do again now that he’s better! Both involve water! He loves splashing about and is a real water baby! We have a new swim nappy and we think it’s fab and his latest bath toys are keeping both of them VERY entertained! Click on the links to see more about them!

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