Pregnancy Diary – 10 Weeks Pregnant!

I came out of my other two pregnancies either wearing rose tinted spectacles or having just had the mother of best pregnancies ever. I had glowing skin, luscious long hair which grew and grew, a happy disposition and absolutely no aches and pains other than the occasional back twinges (and I mean it happened like three times) and on one solitary day (which I thought was herrendapoo) I suffered, SUFFERED I TELL YOU, with acid reflux.

I expected then, to ‘get my glow’ with immediate impregnation and to say I am disappointed at the result is an understatement. This pregnancy is NOT like the other two. Not like them AT ALL!

Morning sickness – at really any time of the day!

This seems to hit with increasing regularity and just when I think ‘Yeah, I’m OK, I’m not feeling sick’, BANG! I feel sick again. Feeling sick is actually worse than being sick because at least when you ARE sick you get the feeling gone for a bit. I am SICK of feeling SICK!

Spots – I’d easily be mistaken for a teenager were it not for all the wrinkles!

Seriously, this is NOT fun. Plus, what the eff?! It’s just not FAIR! (See, told you I could be mistaken for a teen)!

Constipation – Too much information?!

No. I am just not happy about this. I am not exactly a ‘regular’ person at the best of times but a week. A WEEK in between is seriously not enjoyable. Especially when you feel sick too!

Headaches – CONSTANTLY!

I have had a headache for pretty much  7 days on the trot. I remember with Florence having a headache one day and running out to buy some sort of ineffective soothing pad to put on my forehead so worried was I about taking anything to actually help it. Well, SOD that! This mother fudger ain’t even shifting with Paracetamol and is driving me berserk!

Mood swings – WHAT?!

Don’t you DARE accuse me of having mood swings as a result of all of the above. I am a calm and considered person at all times. There is nothing wrong with my mood at all. The fact my husband flinches when I walk in a room is entirely his fault. The schmuck…

So… As you can see I’m enjoying it. URGH!

I’ve had my midwife booking in appointment and been reassured that Norfolk midwives do know what they’re doing. I’d been told by many friends that the care they received here in the past was not exactly as brilliant as I had had in London and I was worried having been spoiled by a city with a massive pot of money and resources. A few friends had told me they’d not seen the same midwife twice in Norwich and as a result not built up a rapport with any of them; yet the midwife I saw was lovely and very reassuring. Unfortunately she won’t actually be my midwife as she was filling in for my designated doula but she knew a midwife that I know in the area, was totally clued up, asked me sensible questions and wasn’t a pen pusher in the slightest. I felt she had time for me and that’s what’s important. I guess this is the third whirl for me so maybe I don’t need so much ‘care’ anyway…

Pregnancy best bits from the kids this week:


I don’t want someone else to be the baby of the family. I want to be the baby of the family. Honey bee you will always be my baby, I promise.

No I won’t, I won’t be the baby anymore. Ah my darling, I know why you’re worried but you don’t have to be. It’s going to be really cool being the boss big brother.

Will I get to sleep in your bed or will the baby? If you need to sleep in my bed we will put the baby in a cot beside it and you can still cuddle me all night.

I like the idea of being the baby boss. Yes! Course you do bossy boots!


If HE’S sleeping in your bed then I will be too right?! Urm, yes, maybe. Probably.

Otherwise it won’t be fair. No, No it won’t be, you’re right.

Can we call the baby Rachel? No.

Amanda? No. But these are an improvement on names like Sapphire.

I like Sapphire…

When it’s my birthday can I go shopping with a friend for clothes? It’s not for AGES and you’re only going to be 8, that’s a very grown up thing to want to do!

Yes, 8 is actually really quite grown up. When the baby is my age I will be able to babysit for you. Oh yeah, ok, clothes it is.

It will all seem even more real soon enough when I have my scan in a couple of week’s time and hopefully, hopefully, hopefully… All these nasty symptoms will do one. I hate being a pregnancy moaner, I’ve always moaned about women who are so it’s really irritating me that I can’t just curb it. Will this be the week that I ‘Get my glow’?