Pregnancy Diary – 15 Week’s Pregnant!

So… I am 15 week’s pregnant as I write, truth be told I’m 15 and a half week’s pregnant and finally the time seems to not be standing so still. I wouldn’t say it’s marching on but it’s definitely not dragging like it was and that might have something to do with the fact I am no longer feeling so sick.

I do still get the odd wave of nausea but on the whole I am back to normal – Phew! The second trimester has been reached and as per all info I have read things are feeling much easier now. Apparently it’s the second trimester that everyone says is the most enjoyable and having done this twice before I’d agree with that; so for now, I’m sitting back and enjoying the ride!

I had my 12 week scan and subsequently we made our announcement that come the beginning of October we will be becoming a family of 5! You can read about that here. It’s a worrying thing going for the scan and then waiting for the blood test results which give a percentage of chance for some abnormalities and thankfully I received the letter to say all was well as far as that was concerned within a week.

Our three is the magic number baby at 12 weeks!

I’ve noticed that in the morning I don’t really have much of a bump at all but by the evening sometimes I am very bloated, not sure if that’s because the baby is moving or because I’ve eaten too much? Who knows! I have also found that I am getting a stitch to the right hand side and base of my tummy when I walk a lot. It’s really annoying as I like to be very active and sometimes it’s quite painful to the point that I can’t even really bend down.

It’s great to feel the baby moving and I’d forgotten what that felt like in the early stages really. I know what I’m looking for having been pregnant before and I started to feel it move when I was about 12 weeks. This is around the same time I felt Jimmy and a couple of week’s earlier than when I first noticed Florence giving me a little poke. Mostly it feels like little butterflies but occasionally I feel a very definite poke and it’s quite easy to see where the baby is sitting in my tummy, which side (it definitely prefers the right) because it becomes harder and heavier. Funny old thing isn’t it!

I do wonder if I might be a tiny bit further along than I’ve been measured as I had an extremely light period for my last one and I just feel like the baby could be a month older from what I am experiencing. The 12 week scan measured me a few days earlier than I had initially thought but my babies have both been small and I needed extra scans because I measured under the expected with Jimmy so I do wonder if it could be more. I guess time will tell.

Pregnancy best bits from the kids this week:


Can we call the baby Sam or Jude or Georgie? They’re your friend’s names, let’s think of something else shall we? 

What about Horrid Henry? No, we already have one of them!

How did the Daddy seed get in the mummy’s tummy egg? Did Daddy wipe his willy on you and give you his seed? Urm… Urm… Urm… I tell you what, Katy is coming up to stay tomorrow, shall we ask her when she arrives? (I’m such a lovely friend like that!)


Yes I would like to know that as well. How DID the baby get in your tummy? You say it was a special hug and there’s an egg and a seed but HOW did the seed meet the egg? Yep, let’s wait and ask Katy, I bet she’ll know the answer to that one, what do you think? (They didn’t wait!)

F: Jimmy, what did you say about a willy wiping the seed on the mummy? J: Yes, that’s right…

They walk off and go upstairs heads together…

J: So, the Daddy has a seed in here, this bit, the bit that feels like pasta (pointing to correct bit on himself as Florence looks baffled) and then he wipes it on the mummy using his willy, it comes out the end, and then the baby grows. F: (Eyes wide) OH! I see…

Do they? Do they? How? Who told them? I mean it’s a fairly accurate description right?! I guess I will have to have a think about what more to say to them and when but for now this seems to have satisfied their queries so I’m going with it.



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  1. Ow I remember that stitch!
    Their knowledge sounds accurate enough for their age, we’re just wondering about having ‘the talk’ with Ethan (12) and what exactly we need to say. He has a girlfriend and I heard mention of a website he shouldn’t be looking at!!

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