Babe The Sheep Pig – Theatre Tour 2017 – Review!

When we moved back to Norfolk a year ago I had lots of worries about how we would entertain ourselves. As an actress the theatre is a very important thing for me to make sure my children are acquainted and we have always taken advantage of the mega offerings in our capital; I worried that Norfolk might not be up to the standard we have grown to expect?

And while it’s true we don’t have as much going on theatre wise in Norwich, I am happy to have found that the theatre we do have is of an excellent quality and while we regularly make the trip back to London to see something special, we absolutely love to visit the theatre closer to home too. Norwich has a wonderful array of live theatre venues with the most famous being our Theatre Royal and it’s here that we went to see Babe The Sheep-Pig on Easter Sunday.

I love this theatre and it reminds me of many wonderful memories from my own childhood and indeed beyond. It’s been lovely to introduce my children to a stage I feel I know very well and even better to have got to see such brilliant shows just like the ‘Babe’ tour. Of course we could have gone to see the opening night in London but actually, I think it was more special to see it in our home city and once the tour had really taken off as the actors were well into their stride and the show was super slick!

At Norwich Theatre Royal waiting for Babe The Sheep-Pig to start!

It was a triumph from Tom OConnell Productions, Limelight Productions and the Polka Theatre and absolutely wonderful to see. Polka Theatre holds such a special place in my heart and it’s a venue we visited frequently when we lived in London. Sadly since moving to Norfolk we haven’t found the time to go back because it’s over in Wimbledon which takes a phenomenal amount of time to get to from East… Once we arrive in London the thought of yet another hour plus of travelling hasn’t been appealing but it hasn’t escaped me how sad it is that we have missed this theatre so.

It’s one of those places that you visit and just think WHY HASN’T EVERYWHERE GOT SOMETHING LIKE THIS? And whenever we went it would be a full day out for us. We would see a show, play in their gorgeous indoor and outdoor play areas, have lunch on their train in the restaurant… Oh I feel sad thinking we haven’t been for so long but HOW lucky we are that they are now touring some of their shows?! I literally couldn’t think of anything better other than opening a Polka in every city (which would be immense by the way)!

If you’ve not been to a Polka show at the theatre in Wimbledon before then you will have missed out but now you can book to see things like their Babe The Sheep Pig tour in a city near you!

As always with Polka the puppetry is extremely clever, the acting superb and the songs so catchy you will find yourself singing them for days afterwards (Jimmy KEEPS asking me to sing the ‘Babe’ songs with him) and you won’t even mind because they’re ace!

I love the puppetry in this show!

The characters are funny and there to fall in love with and despite some super sad bits (I did have whisper to a very sad Jimmy that yes, Ma the sheep had indeed gone to heaven), one you will come away smiling from ear to ear about!

From the very beginning which is even before the show starts you will be giggling at the gorgeous sheep wiggling their bottoms and right to the end where you will clap and clap and clap you will be thrilled you took your littles to this show!

We say massive trotters UP to this one!

Catch ‘Babe The Sheep-Pig’ on tour near you for the rest of 2017. For more information and booking tickets please visit

We LOVED it!

We were invited to review the show.

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