Time With Friends!

I was looking at something which came up on my Facebook Time Hop this week and realised that basically, I won the friendship lottery! In this picture that popped up on my time line I was sat with 5 of my very best pals and I realised that they are just a few of the people I can call besties. HOW great is that?!

I love the fact that I have friends from my childhood, friends from my teens, people I’ve worked with, people I’ve lived with, been in plays with, negotiated the first steps of parenting with and also, blogged with. Like a big collection from all over that obviously, with the help of social media, means I never have to lose touch with. I am truly blessed to have them!

Over Easter I got to spend time with lots of my favourites, not all of them sadly but gladly, quite a few and one of my best friends in the whole world came to stay with her two little ones who are some of Florence and Jimmy’s best friends too. How lucky are we?! Katy writes Modern Mummy and it’s through our blogs that we met a few years ago and now we giggle together like we are teenagers. We blog most of the stuff we get up to, work together often, have a stash of photos which will NEVER make the light of day but which only we can laugh over secretly together and we chat practically daily. However, she lives REALLY far away from me and although we meet in London often for work, solid time together with the kids doesn’t happen often. This is why it’s super special when we get to spend a few days, not working, just laughing and doing nothing in particular!

A picture from Katy’s visit – one which doesn’t have to stay on the cutting room floor!
Our kids on the beach in Cromer!

This visit we went to some fave places in Norfolk like Cromer, BeWILDerwood and out for supper in Pizza Express and we also managed to squeeze in a bit of work. Work? In Norwich? Unheard of but yep, we were invited to Dotty Pottery where we had Florence’s birthday party in December, to paint some pottery and basically just have a chat – well, seeing as that’s what we do best….

The girls and Jimmy loved painting their plates and a mug for Florence to send her old reception teacher as a present – they still keep in touch. I Instagrammed a picture from Florence’s birthday party because we think Dotty Pottery is lovely – the staff are really helpful too and helped us do some nice writing on our pieces. f you’re in Norwich it’s a great rainy day activity!

Florence painting a mug for her old teacher!
Jimmy and Evie getting stuck in!
I love these keepsakes – we have a few from over the years and they’re very special. When the baby comes I shall take all three of them back for another visit!

And when we left we were given a really lovely bag of gifts which was so lovely of them! I have Instagrammed about the gorgeous Love Boo products which were in my massive hamper today but we were also given gifts from Daughter of the Soil (perfect body cream for my pregnant tummy) and a personalised book for each of the children from Lost my Name which are SO gorgeous! The children want to do a YouTube review of theirs on our channel so coming soon we will show you inside our lovely books which both children were just flummoxed as to how they had got so many facts about them right! What a lovely treat!

Reading their beautiful books from Lost My Name!
Thanks for my hamper!

Yes, friendship is very special and made even more so when you can work, rest and play together! We had a fabulous little holiday with the Modern Mummy gang and here’s to many more!

4 thoughts on “Time With Friends!

  1. Ah sounds like you and Katy had such a wonderful time. It’s so lovely the way you guys have become such besties and that your kids get on so well too. The summer hols aren’t that far away!!

  2. Looks like such a lovely time you had – just a little bit jealous we didn’t get a chance to gatecrash!
    I’m the opposite, didn’t have lots of friends in adulthood until I met you and my new blogging buddies and I’m very grateful for you all! xxx

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