The Easter Holidays!

Ah I am so grumpy that the Easter holidays are over! How quickly does time fly when you’re having fun? We got to do something pretty much every single day marred only slightly by a couple of sick bugs which didn’t last long thankfully and didn’t stop us in our tracks for too many hours!

We visited all our fave haunts like BeWILDerwood and Cromer, swam, ate out and spent time with some of our most favourite people and generally wore ourselves out just having fun!

Here, in pictures, are some of our best bits from the Easter¬†holidays including the brilliant and frenzied Easter Egg hunt in my Mum’s garden which the children thought was brilliant. Jimmy saw my Mum putting out a few eggs and wondered if that meant she had done them all and not the Easter bunny – don’t worry, we put him straight and let him know that Gram was just helping the bunny man out with a few extras!

Jimmy and Evie getting stuck in!

We LOVED it!

Roll on some more holidays! That’s what I say!


One thought on “The Easter Holidays!

  1. Such wonderful photos, I was so sad to see the end of the holidays too, at least it’s nearly May half-term now! xx

    Ps: Capture code is ‘FU’ am I childish to giggle at that!?

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