PrimEVIL – Norfolk’s Biggest Scare Experience!

PrimEVIL – Norfolk’s Biggest Scare Experience!

It’s October so what does that mean to those of us who like to festively decorate for every occasion?! Halloween! YES! In just a couple of week’s my village will be dressed up like a giant pumpkin and the kiddos get to safely go trick or treating in their neighbourhood while giggling their way around and not actually being scared at all… But what if you’re a big kid and you DO want a bit of a fright to mark the ghoulish party to the end of this month?! Well… It means you need to get yourself to PrimEVIL, Norfolk’s biggest scare experience which is on nightly from now until 3rd November!

So what is PrimEVIL?! Well, myself and my partner in Norfolk crime Cookie from CookieCrumblesUK and I went and checked it all out for the press opening last night and we can tell you it’s… A LOAD of fun, a LOAD of scare and a LOAD of brilliance just in time for some seasonal partying – we laughed, we screamed and we jumped out of our skins all in the name of fun and would we recommend it to you?! Hell yeah, we TOTALLY recommend it to you! We also recommend going with mates as it was a right laugh being in a bit of a gang with Lauren from Dilan And Me and her other half – we’d not met before but there’s nothing like a bit of a fright to bring people close together. I think now that we’ve been down the world’s largest and probably scariest birth canal together, held each other’s hands and laughed all evening both at and with each other, then we’ll be firm pals!

Ghoul, Me, Emma, Petunia (read on to hear more about petunia), Lauren and Adam last night at PrimEVIL Scare!

PrimEVIL is located at the Dinosaur Park, Roarr (Lenwade, Norfolk) and where by day the dinos entertain kiddos with brilliant parks and indoor play equipment, by night (from 6pm-11pm), it’s get your freak on with FREAK being the operative word! Actors (absolutely brilliant ones – see Petunia again – who stay in character the WHOLE time) create this world where by you’re running from park entertainment to individual haunts (there are five) and enjoying the live music, BBQ and bar along the way. There are several ticket options (a simple entry only ticket at £10, entry with access to each haunt once at £19.95, entry with fast track entry to each haunt once at £35 and entry with unlimited fast track entry to all haunts for £45) and if press night is anything to go by you’re gonna LOVE it!

Friendly dude who followed us for a bit ensuring muchos screaming from Cookie! At least this one didn’t have a chainsaw, never have you ever seen a woman on the run as much as you have when there’s a ghoul with a chain saw after Emma!

We had a blast, a bit of a giggle and Emma had a massive scream before we all agreed it was well worth doing again! I mean it’s really clever and the performers are just SO good – I’m back to Petunia again… What can I say, bit of a girl crush actually (well, she did say I was pretty and she did call us BFFs so…)! I loved it. And I honestly didn’t think I’d think much of it before we went – Totally recommend a visit – TOTALLY! The BBQ was inexpensive at £4 for a burger, halloumi burger or hot dog, the band was flipping brilliant too and we did actually feel scared – some of us (cough, cough Emma) more than others! Perhaps not one for younger kiddos but from 12+ is recommended. You can book on line (we say these tickets will sell out fast so get in quick) and it’s also worth noting if you’re a Roaar member then you get 15% off every ‘All Haunt’ ticket purchased! I do keep meaning to take mine to Roarr again soon as we get 50% off with our Banham passes – it’s been ages. PrimEVIL reminded me how good it is for the kids while being totally brilliant in itself for me!

This is what greeted us at the entrance!

Go, go, go – have a bit of fun for yourself and enjoy the Halloween vibes!

Screaming won’t help you apparently… Emma!

We were invited as guests for press night.