Protest Women FW 20/21!

Protest Women FW 20/21!

Whether a skier, surfer or just a fan of the clothing, Protest Women is the one stop shop for you this fall/winter with a new collection launched in September that sees ski jackets for women and fleeces to stand up on the high street just as beautifully as they do on the slopes!

I always get hoodies, sweatshirts and swim wear from them for the beach as we are on it all seasons and in winter I like to be as cosy as possible! The North Sea can be a cruel mistress when it comes to whipping chills blowing in land.

The Protest Women F/W 20/21 season is on line now!
I like to be cosy while watching Florence surf!

Having been locked down for months on end and missing out on all summer holidays this year we can only look ahead to the winter and hope for a better one which might just see some of us able to get off to the slopes! While I’m very definitely more about the apres ski than the actual sport my kids would love to get on skis and enjoy a week of skiing and snowboarding – here’s hoping! My own wardrobe needs a winter overhaul to accompany the dreamjust in case me thinks!

You know even in the UK we had a whole week of thick snow a couple of years ago where we were able to ski at home. I kid you not when I tell you to match the sledging there were people actually skiing at the university here in Norwich and it was a glorious week where I dressed head to toe in skiwear to keep me warm and looking good at the same time. I’d like more of that please!

You can’t go wrong with a ski jacket from Protest and the guys can get in on the action too as they have something for everyone, and what about a snowboard Jacket?

For now, until the weather gets a bit colder, I shall make do with my lush hoodies, zip ups and sweatshirts. I’m basically living in my oversized NXG Galia hoodie in green which I’m wearing throughout this pregnancy (another reason why I would only be able to enjoy apres ski this season) and will continue to wear beyond it too! It’s so warm for the beach and indeed the school run!

Beach life!
School run mum – Florence took the Mickey out of me for this outfit and said I looked like a Year 7, frankly I’m taking it as a compliment!

Florence also says she doesn’t get how I don’t surf but I wear all the gear – much like my skiing dream of sitting in a bar with a boozey hot chocolate and watching everyone else! Then she worked out the other day that the reason I had so many surfy type outfits in my youth, and hence still do, is because as a teen I liked all the surfy boys and wanted to impress them. She basically had me! It’s rather annoying when your kids work you out!

Still… It’s not the surfy boys I’m watching now but my own surfy girl who very much DOES surf (and would love to ski) and I’m so proud of her. For Florence it’s about the sport and not the boys and for that she’ll go far I’m sure! She does still rather like the fashion though and all her current swimwear for under her wetsuit are from Protest because their garments are made really well, they understand the sports they’re catering for and to boot they look fab so winners all round.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pics of my current faves from the Apparel collection and note that whether shopping from apparel, ski or any other tab I have a discount code to offer my readers which gives 10% off until the 28th of February 2021 with absolutely no restrictions – so get shopping and use rocknroller10 at the checkout!

NXG Shine Zip Up in grey by Protest Women – for women yet Jonny has stolen it, how?!
Steam sweatshirt by Protest Women – also comes in pink and think I will be ordering again using my own discount code! Why not?!
There’s that hoodie again – man I love this one!

Paid and gifted collaboration with Protest Women.