Psychiatry and You!

Psychiatry and You!

I think most of us have taken a bit of a knock to our mental health this year and whether we suffer with disorders which are historic or new, therapy can benefit us all – it certainly is common practice in lots of countries for everyone to have a level of ongoing psychiatry assistance and I think this can only be a good thing which we would do well to invite into our lives as a staple.

Talking is, in my opinion, key to a happy state of mind as even if we don’t know that we have issues most of us have a level of things we need to keep talking about in order to keep demons at bay. It’s hard to go through life without matters building up to knock us and that conversation being a continuing one is therapy in itself yet simply chatting with friends is often too hard and that’s where the professionals come in. Not only is a psychiatrist a completely independent person in our lives but they are trained medical Doctors with years of experience and wealth into knowing exactly what to say back to us as well as knowing how to listen when we need to air our discomforts.

Psychiatry specialises in the diagnosis of mental health issues which may be caused by substance abuse or may simply be behavioural disorders and with a psychiatrist able to prescribe medication we can benefit from both the act of talking, being listened to and indeed being given those prescriptions which can change our lives for the healthier and the better. There should be no shame in feeling poorly in our heads and there doesn’t have to be if we seek the right help at the right time.

But how to find the right place and person to visit when our NHS is stretched and the offers available to us are few and far between?

Well, BetterHelp offers all the advice you will need on how to seek psychiatry right for you, reasons why you might benefit from this therapy, and how a psychiatrist can help you on your mental health journey.

We all know how damaging sadness can be because we are all human and to have not experienced knocks in life is simply not possible. I know from my own past traumas that healing comes from taking advice and listening as well as talking, but being able to voice my feelings is always the start of any healing my mind has needed and I stand by the fact that conversation is key. What or who could be better than a trained medical professional to help us assess problems in our lives and take control of them. There are so many things we can do to look after our minds, not just with therapy but with looking after our all-round health and focusing on what’s truly important to us but often times we do need professionals to step in and give us a hand because that’s their job, it’s what they’re there for and to ignore it is looking a gift horse in the mouth.

We all deserve to be happy and seeking psychiatric help could be the first step on the road to that happiness – even if you don’t know if you need it or not, it’s worth looking into, always.