Putting On The Glitz!

I don’t wear very much jewellery these days, I find it gets pulled about and used as a toy by the baby so it’s just not often worth it! I used to wear it though and I have loads of costume pieces that I still love and will show the light of day to again one day. I also have a few very nice pieces, an antique bracelet and a hand made necklace that my Dad gave me are favourites and I treasure the ring that used to be my Grandma’s. It was the ring my Grandpa bought her when she lost her wedding ring and I wear it on all special occasions.

I like to get my jewellery out when it’s something special like a wedding or a big Christmas party! Christmas time is all about the sparkle isn’t it, it cries out for people to put on their glitz and get shimmering with their bangles, earrings and beautiful sparkling stones! I’d always get my jewellery out for the festivities of this time of year, it wouldn’t be right not to!

My Mum does too. She rarely gets dressed up but at Christmas time she absolutely does and she has the biggest collection of costume jewellery I’ve ever seen! A magpie’s (or three year old granddaughter’s) Alladin’s cave of sparkles, gems and shining beads! She really likes gemstones but she doesn’t have that many pieces of real ones so this Christmas I intend to give her something special!

I want to give her something that she will be able to keep in a beautiful box and get out for those very special occasions but because it’s my Mum, it simply has to be sparkle-tastic! She likes the bling for a Christmas night out and why not! JewelleryWorld.com is a fab website because they have everything from semi precious to precious stone in all types of settings and on all pieces of jewellery special jewellery, not just costume. They do children’s pieces, men’s pieces, wedding bands, pendants, earrings… Well, everything really and all on a very easy to navigate website!

While looking for a gift for my Mum I found the Jewewllery World site super easy to use and filter so that only the things I would be interested in, within my price range, came up and I chose her a Smoky Quartz 9ct Gold Cushion Pendant which fits perfectly with what I wanted to give to my Mum. It has 5 diamonds for the bling and the quartz is beautiful while it’s all set into yellow gold. I wanted to get her a pendant that she could transfer from chain to chain as she’s very picky about length of necklaces on different outfits! I’d never dare buy her a chain because I know I’d get it wrong!

Jewellery Post

Gorgeous Smokey Quartz pendant for my Mum!

The best bit about the site is that it is so affordable and this pendant, although it has an RRP of £149.99 sells on JewelleryWorld.com for £74.99. Utterly bargainous! A beautiful piece of jewellery which my Mum can keep and treasure for best while being a price I can afford!

I just hope she likes it as much as I do!

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