Christmas Cards From Paper Shaker!

I very rarely send Christmas cards. Oh I have good intentions and sometimes we even get as far as making our own or writing in them but… I seldomly have managed to get them stamped and in a post box…

The thing is I’m overly ambitious and want to make them. I want to make them with the children involved and then I always get carried away. Last year we ended up making our cards on canvas but because they were essentially a painting and not a card we only made them for the Grandparents and no one else got one from us!

Christmas Craft

We DID make a really cool card last year!

So, this year I decided I would try and get a card to everyone. Everyone who sends us one and never gets anything in return because we really do love our family and friends and want them to have cards from us even if it seems like we can’t be bothered! This year we’re bothered and we’re doing it!

I needed something easy and quick with the children involved. We’ll still do a big crafty card for the Grandparents but we needed something more traditional and accessible as well as being bespoke to us!

In step the photo card!

I ordered 30 cards from Paper Shaker in the end and for just a little over £50 with delivery we have, this year, written every single one, addressed all but two and are very nearly about to stamp them for the post box!

Christmas Cards

Our Paper Shaker cards!

They’re gorgeous and JUST what I was after. I chose a cheeky design and added a favourite picture of Florence and Jimmy from Somerset House next to the ice rink! They did cost a bit more because I had them printed on textured paper but they look SO expensive because of it, far more so than they are! They’re thick and folded beautifully and the little wallets they come in are very handy as they Velcro close with the cards inside. They are currently back being safely stored like this until postage! Also worth noting that they came three days after ordering which is fab as I’m so useless at card sending that even though I have actually got it together this year, it was got together late!

I was given some credit to spend at Paper Shaker in return for an honest review.