5 perfect Christmas gifts for a period home

At Christmas time one of the hardest things you have to do is decide what to buy people. If you know someone who lives in a nice, big old house it can be a good idea to buy them a period home style gift. The question is what type of period gifts are available?

Below you’ll find the top five period home Christmas gifts that won’t fail to impress.

1.      A luxury hamper

You can cheat here and buy a ready-made hamper. However, it’s often cheaper to actually make one yourself. Include luxury food items such as freshly baked bread, cookies and spreads. Putting a bit of time and effort into the gift will make it much more meaningful. Nothing complements a period home more than the scent of freshly baked bread!

2.      Antique décor

Even if you don’t have that much money to spend on a gift, you can often find antique style accessories at car boot sales, online auction sites and in charity shops. Antique plates, mugs and even door knockers that can be installed onto solid timber Georgian doors are worth investing in.

3.      Luxury candles

Period homes can look amazing, particularly under candlelight. Luxury candles are always a welcome gift in any home, but the soft golden glow is the perfect complement to a period features.

4.      Plants

Plants breathe life into old style homes. They help to really brighten up a place and who doesn’t like a nice looking plant? You can choose one based on their colour scheme, any plants already in their home or where it might be placed.

5.      Kitchen gadgets

While it is a period home, modern, but useful kitchen gadgets will usually always be gratefully received. Coffee machines, salad spinners, food processors, as well as more interesting and unique gadgets are a great gift idea. It helps to bring a little modern touch into the kitchen.

These five top gifts are perfect for any period home owner and will ensure that your Christmas present stands out from the pile of unwanted socks and smellies.

Guest post in association with The Sash Window Workshop.


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