QVC Autumn/Winter 2014!

When I had just had Florence I remember hardly ever sleeping! It was tough but I found ways to get through it and I loved my night time feeding viewing on the television!

I only used to watch the ‘Sex and the City’ box sets, the film ‘Jack and Sarah’ (over and over for some reason) and good old QVC! And now, whenever I have a friend about to have a first baby I give them my best television advice for new nocturnal habits! QVC is awesome for it!

I didn’t really get much of a chance to go actual shopping of course but both window and for real was provided by QVC and I got really obsessed with watching it! QVC is really addictive actually and I’m sure partly it’s due to the presenting skills (man those peops work hard – I’d LOVE that job truth be told, waffle for a living? Yes please!) but it’s just got to be mostly down to the quality of the goods they have on sale!

I remember years before and My Mum and I laughing at the concept of a flawless fake diamond but the more we watched, the more we liked it and naturally this moved onto a purchase of a pink diamonique ring… JLo had a pink diamond that I’d seen on her finger in a mag and when I’d seen this Diamonique similar style on QVC I’d had to have it! It’s lovely actually and I still wear it now from time to time! Apparently Diamonique are 20 years old this year so they’re definitely doing something right!

I like watching the fashion, beauty and of course the strange and curious gadgets for the home! Seriously, just turn it on a take a peek, it’s REALLY good! So that’s why I like QVC and when they invited me to take a look at what’s coming up for Autumn/Winter 2014 I couldn’t wait!


It certainly didn’t disappoint! Watching on the television sometimes makes you wonder if things are as good in the flesh but I got to see a lot of products and have to say none of them were anything less than you’d expect! From gadgetry to clothes, software to beauty, a whole host of things in between and bling, sparkle and food to finish it off! (Yes, food, gorgeous gift type treats who knew?) QVC for Autumn/Winter 2014 looks very good, it looks very good indeed!

QVC PostQVC Post 8QVC Post 10QVC Post 9QVC Post 11QVC Post 12QVC Post 7QVC Post 6QVC Post 5QVC Post 4QVC Post 3QVC Post 2

While I was there I even had my make-up done by Erin from Tarte! Goodness me she’s glam – apparently she goes on air with the cosmetics and gets recognised in her native NYC! She was lovely and told me all about how the brand are PETA friendly and even have a lot of Vegan products. Interesting! She explained how they use Amazonian clay in their ingredients and I can honestly say it looks and feels wonderful on the skin! Clearly Erin is a professional but it looked easy to use and even had step by step instructions of what everything was inside the gorgeous packaging!

I DEFINITELY want some of their products now in particular the lipstick and eyebrow cream she used on me!

QVC Post 1

So… That’s what to expect from QVC later on in the year… Pretty good huh!

I was invited to come and see the QVC Autumn/Winter collection.