Raffie’s Nursery Tales!

Raffie’s room has been one in the making for a long time now and while it’s not finished quite yet (he’s not going to be in there for a good few months don’t forget), I couldn’t wait to show you how beautiful it is already. We have transformed Daddy’s old music room (and built him a brand new studio in the garage) into a white and silvery star shimmered nursery of gorgeous proportions. It’s a small room but perfectly formed and I love everything in there, I hope that Raffie will too! It feels super happy making for me to give him this beautiful space as with the older two they had to share a room together AND share with all of their Daddy’s musical equipment too! London living was fun but tight on space in every way and our new home in Norfolk means everyone has their own room – gorgeous!

The main furniture in the room comes from Scandanavian brand Stokke which I have admired for a really long time and while I had trouble choosing between their ‘Sleepi’ range and the newer, more contemporary ‘Home’ style, I think I chose right in the end with the latter.

The cot is by far my favourite of the whole ‘Home’ range (although the dresser is brilliant and has so much room in the drawers, it’s a very decent piece of furniture it has to be said) because the roof makes it super beautiful and just like the crib, Tripp Trapp chairs we have in the kitchen and cot top changer it has lastability – it becomes a bed for when Raffie is bigger too…

Love this dresser from the ‘Home’ range at Stokke. On top Raffie has an elephant with a blanket which came in the Eve Baby Box from Mothercare and a gorgeous linen basket with stars on it (perfect for our theme) from Kiddiwinkles who make personalised items which are just beautiful! The wooden boxes on the shelf are ones that I bought in IKEA and painted – you might remember from my Instagram stories a few weeks ago!
I LOVE the cot top changer because it saves space in the room which is small and then will be added to the crib later on to create a top to a desk for Raffie. It’s very comfy and padded which I like too – the changer I have downstairs is cold and uninviting so I must change that!

So basically this little tot is going to be a Stokke tot because as well as the beautiful nursery furniture Raffie is also enjoying days out in his brand new Stokke Xplory with a black chassis and sitting at the table with us in his Tripp Trapp chair matching his brother and sister – but more about that later!!

Other bits I’ve bought are a gorgeous light fitting from ebay (an on-line retailer somewhere in Hong Kong)… It’s pretty but was a devil to install and my electrician friend had trouble without there being an earth wire – luckily he’s a pro and added one but bear that in mind if you buy something similar. I am also going to buy a standing star lamp from John Lewis for when I’d like it a little dimmer in the room.

This light was problematic in the fitting but looks perfect!

The theme for the room is grey stars and my Mum is making some curtains and bunting with that in mind while I added some wall stickers I picked up on Not On The High Street – they’re metallic and I love them as I can move them around a lot. The seller was not teribly brilliant to deal with so I shan’t recommend them directly as you can pick up the same from other sellers and that might be easier I feel.

Other things in his room are his baby box from Eve at Mothercare (my absolutely most favourite place to shop – they also stock Stokke and are wonderfully helpful when it comes to answering questions) and all of my bits and bobs like my new breast pump, bath bits and blankets come from there too – the baby box is beautiful and SO convenient while it come filled to the brim full of lovely baby bits which amount to more than the cost of the box – bonus! The gorgeous linen basket and bed side tidy are from Kiddiwinkles who make personalised items like this. We didn’t know Raffie was going to be a boy when we ordered so we chose for his bedside tidy to read ‘For Lovely Things’ but the Kiddiwinkles things are lovely in themselves!

Lovely things bedside tidy from Kiddiwinkles!
I took this picture the day Raffie was due and I was still playing about with where things were going to go – LOVE that elephant and the gorgeous linen basket which is so helpful for getting the many, many mounds of washing out of the way for a bit!
The Eve baby box, exclusive to Mothercare, is going to be the perfect place for Raffie to sleep when we are at my Mums – currently she’s still staying with us but we will allow her to go home and then descend upon her soon I am sure… She might have to hide and lock the doors! The box costs £99 and comes with a breathable Eve mattress and filled with goodies like a cellualr blanket, a cuddly toy, clothes, wipes, crib sheets… Oh absolutely LOADS of things which are going to be so handy!

I am also making a blanket for the baby but until then I will use a striped knitted one from Mamas and Papas which is super old but I never used it before – I’m not sure why? I was given it for Jimmy and although had always wanted one for Florence it somehow never came out of the packaging – until now! We also have a couple of lovely Stokke blankets which are gorgeously soft and have poppers on them to use with the XPlory – when I work out how to do that!

Daddy rarely lets anyone else push the buggy!

I wrote a while back about this Stokke Xplory I’d had my heart set on for our 3 is the magic number baby and we’ve been LOVING using it. The all black chassis which persuaded me we needed a new one is so gorgeous and sleek and you can buy it in many configurations so I went for the one which came with a carry cot, cup holder and parsol as well as black fabrics.

Of course we got a seat unit too and the under storage bag that comes with is is invaluable. I know this as I had a previous version Xplory with Jimmy which I wrote about here. All the things I loved about it are the same of course, the push is immense and I love how Raffie is high up near me and able to see (that’s what Jimmy always adored) but the way the cup holder fits in the centre of the handle is something I hadn’t experienced before just like the carrycot which is roomy and comfortable and so well designed. The new V5 is not terribly different to the V4 but there are some significant changes which on the face of it are subtle but just make it work so much better!

Of course it will be winter soon and I will have to try and get myself one of those winter kits with the furry hands – you must have seen them, they’re so gorgeous and kind of almost worth having this buggy for just for them! Ha! I haven’t bought the car seat which would have just clipped onto the frame and I’m in two minds whether to do that or buy adaptors or just not use it with a car seat, what do you guys think?! I do have an old buggy I could use with the car seat when I need to so I’m just not sure if it’s worth it?

That’s not it for our wonderful Stokke goodies as in our bedroom Raffie sleeps in the Stokke Home crib too. Now I have never managed to get either of my older two to sleep in a Moses basket but Raffie absolutely loves this crib so perhaps I should have gone down this route before?! It looks pretty blooming perfect next to our bed and because the gentle white fabric can be swayed as he sleeps I’m sure the rocking sensation helps to soothe him too!

Raffie in his crib which is next to our bed and will turn into a desk when he’s a bit bigger!

Then when it comes to being at the dining table, just as with the rest of the Stokke furniture and our other Tripp Trapps we have Raffie’s seat in hazy grey and use it for him with a newborn set meaning he can sit at the table with us when we eat – how amazing is that!

Pumpkin carving the other day and Raffie got to sit amongst us and friends never to be left out! LOVE this chair!
Big kids in their Tripp Trapps!

I love the fact the baby is at the table with us and will also be getting the baby set and tray for when he is a bit bigger – it literally converts for every stage from birth to being a grown up! Perhaps they are not inexpensive but they certainly will last and it’s an investment with klout I feel. My friend Sam has bought the baby set and tray for her little one and her son LOVES being in it so I definitely want to do this with Raffie too!

We’re sticking with the colour grey for his bouncy chair which comes from Baby Bjorn and is so stylish it hurts! I adore colour coordination and even have a Baby Bjorn sling in a pinstripe grey too. But more about that in another post. Raffie is SO small in his beautiful bouncy chair right now but he is going to be able to bounce and sit in this while I get on with jobs – unfortunately I WILL have to get on with jobs at some point soon and stop holding him 24/7 even though I want to – and this is the perfect chair to still be close to me while I do such menial tasks as load and unload the dishwasher… Poor old Raffie is going to get bored of watching that very soon eh but at least he will be able to do it from the comfort of his Bliss baby bouncer!

He looks super tiny!
But so comfy!

So there we have it… A few of Raffie’s things and his gorgeous new room – a nursery I have so enjoyed creating and am still working on… When it’s totally finished I shall write more about it but for now what do you think?

I am working in connection with some of the companies mentioned in this post.


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