Review – Ma Plucker’s Soho!

Last year, along with our broods, Katy from Modern Mummy and I had a lovely festive day out in London with lunch and some festive lights sight seeing. We decided that we’d make it a tradition and yesterday we took to the streets of central London for this year’s party!

We kicked off with a trip to the theatre where we saw Peppa Pig’s Surprise (read my review here) and then had a look around Covent Garden, climbed on the giant Lego train and posed in front of Christmas trees before heading into one of our London faves, The London Transport Museum. Entry is free for children and an adult ticket lasts for a year with unlimited visits so we often stop in just for half an hour and other times we stay all day!

Hanging about in Covent Garden!
Hanging about in Covent Garden!
The gang at The Transport Museum!
The gang at The Transport Museum!

After all the festive fun we were very hungry so we headed to new Soho hang out Ma Pluckers. By week they serve the hipsters of the area their boozy iced teas, chicken made in many ways from pulled to rotisserie and offer retro aesthetics to summon up the vintage lover in all of us. This is a soul food joint (and it IS a joint) nestled away in the heart of the west end but which transports you straight to southern America and with loads of really ace offers throughout the week and at different times dring the day it also won’t break the bank despite its location. So that’s what it does during the week but what about the weekend?

The children descend on Ma Plucker's!
The children descend on Ma Plucker’s!

Weekday Soho is a different picture to a festive saturday afternoon and in the place of the movers and shakers come families of toruists thronging the streets desperately searching for somewhere suitable to take their little ones in the big city. While Ma Plucker doesn’t, at the moment, have a dedicated children’s menu, what they do have is a warm open door where children are welcomed in with open arms. We were asked to come and try their delights with the little ones and we had the most brilliant afternoon of sitting, chatting, eating and laughing in brilliant surroundings with friendly staff and lots to see as well as enjoy in the dining. Upon a visit to the bathroom Florence declared that she would like a big pink neon sign just like the one in Ma Plucker’s facilities for her new bedroom -well, why not? It was awesomely cool and made the whole room glow pink! Check our Katy’s review for a fabulous pic of it!

On the menu as well as lots of wonderful sounding delights with a fab option of choosing a base, sauce and chicken to make it your own, they offer a fun afternoon tea with mini burgers and cakes as well as a boozy tea to begin with and unlimited iced tea thereafter.

Ma Plucker 1

For Christmas they have added a special festive afternoon tea to the menu and between the 6 of us we tried everything from each menu as well as some the sides on offer like the corn, chips, coleslaw and the AMAZING crack chees! Crack chees is a carb fien’s delight with gooey cheesey mac and cheese rolled into a deep fried ball much resembling arancini – it was delish!

Afternoon tea and sides. The best desert was the egg of crispy coating and an ice cream middle - yum!
Afternoon tea and sides. All delicious but the best desert was the chocolate and cornflake scotch egg, a crispy coating and an ice cream middle – yum!
The crack cheese! Oh my word!
The crack cheese! Oh my word!

We loved the food and the boozy iced tea, well, it certainly went down a treat! I loved the cranbury version which is especially on the menu for Christmas and at the end of our meal we were treated to some house secret recipe margaritas! If I didn’t already feel like I was in the states then that certainly did the trick. I love a margarita and they do them so well in the US. And in ma Plucker it needs to be noted!

We had a great meal with lots of laughter and chat which is what the best meals contain! The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience too and tucked into their chicken with as much enthusiasm as I. Ma Plucker are still working out how they can make the kiddos feel even more welcome and hinted that in the futre there may well be a ‘kids eat free’ policy! What a find, a family gem in the heart of London and one to make sure you pay a visit to when in town. Ma Plucker is an independent = TICK, it loved the children = TICK and the food was beaut = TICK!

Ma PluckerMa Pluckers 2

You can visit Ma Plucker at 75 Beak Street, London W1F 9SS (tel: 020 7096 2046). 

We were guests of the house for the purpose of an honest review.