Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – London – Review!

We visited Ripley’s Believe It Or Not when Florence was really very tiny and I was pregnant with Jimmy. It was absolutely ages ago now I suppose and Florence probably wasn’t the right age to enjoy it but I found it quite a fascinating place.

I remember wondering when she’d be old enough to appreciate such a place of wonder – it’s a museum dedicated to the weird and the wonderful – think the tallest man in the world, a Ferrari made entirely from knitted wool and a sculpture of The Beatles made out of chewing gum; fast forward 5 years and she’s there! THIS is exactly up Florence and indeed Jimmy’s street. These are the kids who read (EVERY single night) a big book of 1000 weird facts so to say they were in their element in Ripley’s is an understatement.

We were staying in London with Katy from Modern Mummy and her two so the six of us descended prior to an evening meal at Planet Hollywood and muchos fun was had by all!

The gang at Ripleys! Look at the SIZE of this chair which sits next to some very curious double headed, three footed (and odder) animals!
Remember that dress? Blue or gold? We say blue!
Looking at art created WITHIN the eye of a needle!
Becoming art in the eye of a needle!
Weighing up next to the world’s heaviest man!
And standing up next to the tallest!

There were so many things to see and marvel over, we could have stayed for hours and hours and hours. Alas, we were on a time limit which means only one thing, we MUST go back! However, things we absolutely couldn’t miss were to current exhibition for the recent hit film ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’. We haen’t actually seen this yet but on Katy’s recommendation (even though it’s scary) and because the exhibition of wonderful artefacts fro the film inspired us, we are going to watch it this weekend. The exhibition even WITHOUT having seen the film is amazing but then we did have very good tour guides in the Modern Mummy crew!

With the twins from the film!

And if you visit Ripley’s then you MUST do the mirror maze (Jimmy had a massively funny moment when he ran full pelt into a mirror and bounced right off it. Perhaps I shouldn’t have laughed but it was mega funny! And also the black hole which makes you feel like you’re ridiculously drunk! Unfortunately both exhibitions were dreadfully hard (for me at any rate) to photograph but I gave it a shot!

The mirror maze at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!
And the black hole (which we loved so much we did twice)!

The founder of the curious collection of exhibits and world wonders at the museum was Robert L. Ripley (1890–1949), a cartoonist, explorer, reporter, adventurer, and collector, who travelled to 201 countries in 35 years seeking the odd, the unusual, and the unexplained and his collection is continued today along with some extra special fun with the Mirror Maze and Black Hole for some hands on fun.


Days out with the kids can be expensive so to get the most for your money and book ahead at for massive discounts. +14 days in advance and tickets are half price! This also applies during school holidays.

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If visiting after 5pm then book the day before – these tickets are also discounted. You cannot buy the discounted late entry on the door.

We were invited to enjoy a complimentary experience at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in return for an honest review.