Roarr Dinosaur – Adventure Summer 2020!

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure – Summer 2020!

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade, Norfolk is open for the summer season 2020 and after a tumultuous start to the year with COVID19 lockdown which of course saw the closure of the park, they are doing their level best to make a post lockdown trip as safe as possible, yet as fun as it always has been!

Tickets are to be booked in advance on line so that your arrival slot is allocated. This is to assist them with numbers as their regular capacity has been greatly lowered to ensure social distancing is easy at all times. When there you are required to wear a Face Covering inside the gift shop, Animal Encounters Barn and also encouraged to wear one when in the Animal Barn. COVID security is at the forefront of their mind and we went along today to check out what a new age visit is like at one of our fave Norfolk attractions!

The inside play areas are out. Of course. It’s a shame if it rains as this area is ordinarily a highlight but actually, in the summer and on a day like today which saw temperatures rise into the mid twenties, it’s no hardship to wave that element in favour of ALL the many outdoor activities even without a national pandemic to ensure we have to. Left for your fun when you remove Dippy’s indoor play space is far more than we could manage if we wanted to do EVERYTHING and your ticket is well worth the entry price at £16.50 for children and adults over 90cm. Anyone under this height can enter for FREE and still enjoy plenty on the park to keep them entertained!

Dippy’s Raceway is new for 2020 and sees an outdoor circuit for little boy and girl racers to whizz their way around and cross the finish line with a winners podium to celebrate on afterwards! This is to run alongside all the fun of Roarr that we already know and love like: The dino trail (this is an ace way to see lots of the park from up high as well as enjoy a really lovely woodland walk with a difference), Outdoor Adventure Play (something for all ages, vast and really exciting), Dippy’s Splash Zone (you must book a time slot when at the park but this is one of my kid’s faves even on a cold day – take swimming costumes and towels for your 15 minute slot), Predator High Ropes (this is the type of activity ALL other places we’ve visited with something similar charge extra for, included in the ticket price at Roarr and reminiscent of a slightly smaller Go Ape – again book a slot at the activity)! There is also a secret animal garden with timed animal encounters, fossil digging, raptor racers, a neanderthal walk, pterodactyl’s treehouse, lost world a-mazing adventure, waterside gardens (who knew this was there? Lots of you messaged me on my Insta stories when we discovered it for the first time today to either say you didn’t know either or it’s a fave spot – what an oasis of calm!) and more! Loads more!

Keeping safe with lots of hand sanitiser – little ones for little people too!
Dippy’s Raceway is new for 2020!
For popular attractions within the park there is a bit of a queue (distanced) but they seemed to move fairly quickly – this took us around 10 minutes!
The lovely water garden, who knew?!
Dippy’s Splash zone was always going to be a winner on a hot day like today – shame you can only have 15 minutes but I see the necessity and I’d rather that in a smaller group than being on top of people and getting to do it more!
The high ropes are ace!
We didn’t realise that we had to book but when we got there mid afternoon the wait for the next available slot was only 9 minutes so no harm done!
You do need covered toed shoes and your hair tied back – something to remember before going!
We love the trail, I did feel other people didn’t keep their distance at this point which annoyed me but what can you do?!
Err, something behind you there Raff!

We had another tremendous day out at Roar barely noticing the changes but thankful that they were in place to gently guide us in the right direction for social distancing and cleanliness. Plenty of sanitising stations are around the park to ensure we could keep hands clean and with the lower volume of visitors it in no way felt busy or too crowded to keep away from others – people on the trail were a pain trying to get pictures and not bothering about social distancing but I guess you just have to be on your guard there. Staff were wearing appropriate masks and gloves where necessary and everyone was very mindful. The more I visit places who care like this, the more comfortable I feel visiting and having a more normal summer experience with my children. It’s only when others make it hard to keep the distance and cleaning measures are limited that I feel anxious. Roarr has made every effort and I know this approach encourages all around to do the same and to stick at it no matter how they might behave otherwise.

My one niggle was the toilets… They have shut every other cubicle (good) but the queues were SO long and people were cramming inside the toilet buildings to wait which seemed bonkers – I think Roarr could have a one in one out sign that might help!

Visiting places that make me feel anxious is doable because I will keep my own guard but it doesn’t make for a pleasant day out and I would far rather be at Roarr where I know I can relax most of the time. I think they are doing it well and have had some teething issues judging y some messages I received today but to my eye it looks like most of them are ironed out now!.

It is a BRILLIANT day out with a great price on the ticket (which will be halved if you happen to be a Banham Zoo/Africa Alive season ticket holder which we are)!

Loved it, loved it, loved it!

To book your half an hour entry time slot at Roarr visit

We were gifted our tickets for our visit today.