Baby Number 4!

Baby Number 4!

We are really happy to say that we are expecting baby number 4 into the Rocknroller Baby clan and come February 2021 our household is going to get a whole heap crazier – I can anticipate the washing pile already!

We are over the moon and feel lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky to be having one more.

Coming soon!

So I’m 41 and considerably older than I was when I did this the first time but I don’t feel any different. I’ve been keeping active, keeping busy and trying not to succumb to the tiredness too much – think I’m doing better at that this time than when I was 30! I’m trying to eat healthily and not give in too much to the cake cravings (which is what I really want I have to say) and am also doing well at that too – mostly!

The 12 week scan showed me to be 13 weeks and 5 days and so I am over the worst of the sickness I hope which came in the evenings and was so strong I did wonder if it might be twins – “just the one in there” the sonographer said and Jonny and I did both do a little internal “phew”!

We didn’t tell the children until after the scan because I was worried. Stats for pregnancies in my age bracket show very high chances of things not being as they should and I had wanted to keep any potential upset from them but we told them as soon as we got back to my Mum’s where we had thrown the children through the door then hot footed it out without really saying where we were going. My Mum told Florence we were tile shopping??!! She immediately smelled a rat she said and knew that was a fishy answer and both her and Jimmy were waiting to leap out at us from behind the door when we arrived home 2 hours later (2 hours in a hot waiting room with a mask on is hard work I can tell you)!

We handed Jimmy the scan as he was the first one there and he looked at it with a very perplexed expression on his face, “Is it me?” he asked? “No!” we said and he continued to look at it thoughfully. Florence whipped it out of his hands but didn’t look at it, she just looked at us and asked “Is this a test result to say that Jimmy has a loopy syndrome because of when daddy dropped him on his head before he was born?” – this is what she genuinely thought it might be… Why? Because apparently we smelled of hospital and that was logical because Jimmy is loopy and we were handing it to him!

Cor, imagine if you had a loopy syndrome because your Dad had dropped you on your head when you were born and your parents didn’t tell you until you were 8 but delivered the news by handing you the test results! Apparently that seemed an entirely feasibly possibility of something we might do according to Florence!

The penny did drop and the smiles soon came and the next thing was to tell our little Raffster. I showed him the picture and asked him “What’s this?” and his reply, without hesitation and with absolute clarity was “It’s a cow”!

We all absolutely fell about laughing at our funny lot and though a cow would be better than Jimmy having a loopy syndrome because of Jonny dropping him on his head when he was born we are very happy that it is, in actual fact, a baby!

We feel beyond lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky and Jimmy, who told me he is just worried about missing me in hospital (because he was so scared when I was poorly with Raffie) is being the sweetest. He has whispered into my tummy a few times when he’s been lying on my lap and said hello to the new baby not thinking I could hear. He also said “Mummy, be careful for your baby” because he is so caring and sweet and lovely and I reminded him that it is OUR baby and he really liked that!

One more for the four!

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  1. What a blessing 🙏🙏🙏 Babies are God’s greatest blessing. Sweet lady…your blog in your mole removal saved me in this Sunday, truly!!! I started to panic how black they were and I stumbled on your pics. What a blessing to my soul!!! You made me realize this is normal❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!!!! Only thing they told me to keep them dry…I feel like I should be putting something in them. Let me know your thoughts. You have a gorgeous family ❤️Take care and may God bless you for sharing your journey in life 🙏

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