Rock It Up With Femme Luxe!

Rock It Up With Femme Luxe!

I got myself bikini ready for summer last year after a too long hiatus of not really being bothered and subsequently feeling really down with myself about it. This time last year I’d got down to a weight I was happy with and was rather pleased to be able to go out and wear some clothes I would have shied away from when I was dumpier. Lockdown had other ideas of course and me and my smaller bod had to keep in the garden in my old clothes because seriously, what would have been the point in buying a whole new wardrobe?! This year, however, and despite having just had a baby 4 months ago I seem to have got right back on it – I just didn’t want to be overweight anymore and it was important to me – and with the easing of restrictions I’m stocking up on clobber that makes me feel and look good again. It’s been a long time coming but hurrah! Summer is here and with some garden festivals at friend’s garden pads in the offing I’m going rock for one of them!

The beauty of a festival in friend’s gardens is heels. Pop ’em on but they can come off again any time you like!

Guns ‘n’ Roses T.Shirt Dress – Femme Luxe with Faux Leather High Waisted Femme Luxe Leggings

Admittedly wearing this get up at 7.30am outside my house might cause my neighbours to believe I’m doing the walk of shame but a girl’s gotta get her pictures right?!

I just think this year more than any is a year for letting our hair down and wearing what we want! And as we all know, where festivals are concerned at least, expression of ourselves in the form of fashion is just the ticket. It’s summer, the sun is shining at last and we have the promise of more to come. I’m really looking forward to this garden festival of our pals as I can’t wait for some live music (we’ll all do a stint) and good food coupled with dancing, a cocktail or two and some VERY late nights under the stars. I always wear the comfort of a pair of leggings when away at a proper festival but these combine comfort AND aesthetics with their wet look which will see me go from day to night as I kick off the heels in favour of my actual kicks!

It is Britain after all and though the sun may shine all day, if we’re lucky, it will still likely be cold in the evenings so a good hoodie in a base colour is all the dream. I’m all about the black but come festival date I will accessorise it with some sequins and embellishments to match the glittery face paints Florence will undoubtedly be treating us all to!

Hood up!
Hood down!
Either way I’m dancing!

Black Hoodie with same Wet Look Leggings both at Femme Luxe.

I’m so excited about the fashion points this summer will bring for us all but don’t worry, when the sun sets I’ll be back in my Grey Loungewear and loving it!

Femme Luxe sell everything from party wear to Co Ord Sets and whether you’re after a Milkmaid Top, Bodycon Midi Dress, Mini, Midi, Maxi or Midaxi they’ve got you covered!

Collaboration with Femme Luxe.

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