Rocking With My Tiny Love!

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When I was expecting Florence with no clue as to what looking after a new born baby entailed I had very clear fixed ideas about the type of gear I would need to help me. I was barking for I literally knew nothing and chose almost everything by what it looked like and its price! I did know about buggies (I’ve weirdly always been a buggy addict) but as for everything else… Well, let’s just say a fair amount of money was spent and fair amount of it may as well have been put down the drain! Had I known then what I know now and I might not have been so out of pocket at the end of the day while Florence would have had the right toys to begin with rather than ‘in the end’! This is why I like to review, for the benefit of myself and others and I always try to be as honest as possible. I have, over time, found some really rather great products and certain makes keep coming back time and again with more and more fantastic items I just can’t imagine how we lived without. One of these makes is Tiny Love and here I am again about to tell you about another of their toys which is, quite frankly, an absolute winner!

Having reviewed many Tiny Love products with my children in the past, I absolutely jumped up and down at the chance to play with the latest creation from the brand I adore and the new 3-in-1 Rocker Napper is not a disappointment in the slightest – as if I thought it might have been! Just three of the things I like about other Tiny Love products we have (they range from play mats, bouncy seats, play gyms and individual toys) are that they are all made well, they provide plenty of entertainment and they all, every single one of them, do what they promise and more! The 3-in-1 Rocker Napper is absolutely no exception I can tell you and from the moment I put it together my boy has been enjoying both lazy and playful times in his new chair! (His sister has also tried to have a go but we have managed to persuade her otherwise)! Jimmy must think he’s spoilt rotten for it’s his second Tiny Love chair now (we reviewed the Gymini Buncer a few weeks ago) and although we didn’t obviously need another one and only have one for the purposes of review, I’m mighty glad we’ve got to try this one out as well because it’s also pretty fantastic although in very different ways! Where the other chair is for your baby to focus on being busy in while remembering that he can relax should he need to, I’d say this one focuses more on the relaxation whilst still giving plenty of stimulation at the same time. In my opinion they’re both wonderful but this one is probably a little comfier and therefore I have to say would be my ideal choice for a new born. It’s quite unlike any other chair I have seen for the 0-6 month age range and it provides a unique element in that it can be reclined completely and this provides a perfect napping environment. (The manufacturers recommend that it is not used for prolonged periods of sleep but to be honest it looks far comfier than your average moses basket – still, I wouldn’t go against what they advise!) Here’s how we’ve been getting on:

We have the chair in red (It also comes in brown but the red is the latest colour and I think the one I would choose as we have red sofas). Sometimes when I have something in a box I don’t get it out for ages as I often feel putting things together can be daunting and you need to wait until you have plenty of time. I honestly knew though that with Tiny Love it would be easy and as expected that was the case. Everything slotted together with ease and it was just as the pictures dictated in the instructions (my only criticism would be that the pictures could be a little bigger). There were four screws in the main chair and one for each battery cover (one on the chair and one on the toy), these were incredibly easy to do and everything else just slotted or tied into place.


     Putting the chair together!

Now I must just say before I move on to anything else that it took me around 20 minutes to build this chair. As soon as it was built I popped Jimmy in it and he fell asleep after around 10 minutes of playing with the mobile. Amazing! The mobile, (requires 3 x AAA batteries – not included) which is the shape of a flower and can be moved 360 degrees round (an excellent feature for getting the baby in and out of the chair), plays a few different pieces of music and has lights which flash against pictures on the underside of the petals. It has two different volumes and is relatively gentle on the adult ear. It also has two hanging toys, one mirrored flower with crinkly crackly petals and a rattling snail; both can be lowered to whichever height suits your baby. Jimmy is now grabbing for his toys so I placed his a little higher than you would a new born. The best feature however is the fact that you can leave the mobile on and it will turn itself off when the baby sleeps working on a sensor for when he wakes up again!


He plays, he’s happy and then he sleeps!

There is also a vibration on the chair (requires 1 x C battery – not included) which I know Jimmy finds quite soothing and is the same as with his other chair. The thing with this one is that the button is in a really well hidden place at the side which is excellent for us because it’s not terribly noticeable for Florence; I find when there’s a button wildly on display she’s gonna push it and inevitably the batteries wear out! The chair also is on a stand which rocks either with the movement of the baby or by someone pushing it. Another toddler plus with this one is that even if pushed really hard the chair won’t go too vigorously, a major bonus as Jimmy may very well get whiplash otherwise! Babies, well my babies anyway, do like motion and this chair has it in abundance but if you want to stop it from rocking then it simply has stands at each end which can be put down with a little push.


The stand at the back – there is also one at the front.

As I said, this chair is really quite unique and I think you’d struggle to find something that was even remotely similar if I’m honest, for lots of reasons but also because it has not two but three different recline positions! Jimmy likes to sit in the most upright position and then be reclined when he’s sleeping but I think as a new born the in between position would be fantastic because babies so very often are lying flat on their backs and just aren’t big enough to sit more upright even though they would be more stimulated if they could. This middle position will be perfect for an interested newborn like mine both were and they would still be comfy because of the padded mattress! The fabric on the walls surrounding the seat move with the chair as it changes position making it feel cosier when flat and more open and engaging when up and it’s super quick and hassle free to move the chair one handed with the pull and release of a lever on the back; click it into the desired position and you’re done!


Flat, in the middle and in the upright positions!


Yet again, I am very happy to recommend a Tiny Love product! Just look at another picture of my contented little baby enjoying his time in the chair!

To find out more about this and all Tiny Love products please see and you can buy the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper from Mothercare on line now!

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(All opinions and words, apart from those in green, are my own. I have not been paid for this article although I did receive some products to keep after I had reviewed them.)