Sandwich Thins In Caboose!

I’ve written a lot about Warburtons Sandwich Thins over the last few months; it’s because I genuinely really like them and think they’re brilliant for children too. I was first introduced to them at a sandwich making experience and have never looked back, Even my husband says ‘Oh good, you bought the thin things’ when he sees them in the kitchen and to be honest, he doesn’t usually notice what food we have in just if there isn’t enough of it!

Not only are they really yummy and easy to use (I love how they’re pre cut and they have dots in a diagonal over the top making them super easy to cut into fingers for the little ones) but they are very yummy and to top it all off, only 100 calories per thin! Now that’s a New Year treat in itself!

In light of the fact it’s a very popular time to get trim (63% of women embark upon a New Year health kick) and watch what you’re eating, Warburtons have teamed up with super cool Caboose restaurant in Ely’s Yard, Brick Lane to create the ultimate January saver sandwich. (Just in time for the 45% of us that break our new found healthy eating before the end of the month!) Caboose, the back carriage of a train and now an eatery, is based right in the heart of the arty party that makes up Shoreditch and the three childhood friends who are behind the street food chic have created the perfect filling for a Warburtons Sandwich Thin!


Inside Caboose!

Caboose is all about the smoke and the restaurant which comprises of an intimate dining set up for 11, (as well as tables outside for street food seekers) caters for parties with a very special feel! At £25 a head for three courses and a bring your own policy when it comes to booze I’m definitely going back! The atmosphere, chefs and food are all absolutely divine and most importantly it’s super fun and brilliant food! The ‘ultimate sandwich’ deviates from their usual smoked pork and beef with chicken is on the menu. Combined with their very own home made salsa verde the ‘Thinwich’ came together. Last night I got to try and it’s a good job I;m not on a diet right this minute because the ‘Thinwich’, for us lucky few last night, was served as a starter followed by some more truly tasty Caboose food!


The ‘Thinwich’… It’s pretty good!


Next came smoked meats and cheeses which were so good I could have eaten them three times over!


Followed by ‘The Fat Controller’, pulled pork, smoked cheese, BBQ sauce, brioche bun and garlic mash on the side! Absolutely delicious especially with all the dips!


And as if that wasn’t enough… We had a yummy blueberry jam rice pudding which came in a little jar we could take home just in case we were too full to finish – I managed to force mine down!


Then it was time to roll home with a generous bag of Sandwich Thins and I was just in time to make my husband a midnight feast – the poor food deprived one who’d stayed at home to baby sit!


Warburtons Sandwich Thins are yum! And the Thinwich is perfect!

I was invited to try the ‘Thinwich’ for the purpose of an honest review.