Sweet Bed!

Being the mother of children who don’t particularly like to sleep it means that I don’t get a tremendous amount of slumber myself. When I was invited to the ‘Ultimate Sleep Party’ to celebrate Ibis Hotels launching a new style of bed with a promise of a room for the night afterwards I was almost giddy with excitement!

To be honest I wouldn’t have cared if the bed had been the most uncomfortable in the world, I was being promised a whole night of uninterrupted sleep and believe me, I’m so tired I could probably sleep standing up! It seemed like an invitation I simply couldn’t refuse and it was one extended to me by my mate Alice from An Essex Wife which meant, even better, that prior to the actual sleeping, her and I could partaaay in London together first!

The day came and of course, as luck would have it, Jimmy had a tummy bug. I just couldn’t leave him over night knowing that he would be awake even more than usual and calling for his Mummy. Jonny suggested I go to the party but came home at the end of the night so rather reluctantly I gave up my room… Never mind!

I did still get all dressed up however and as soon as we got there Alice and I placed ourselves by the cocktails! I might not have be out for the duration but I was going to have fun for the bit of it that I was. We supped on Brazilian Caipirihinas and played spot the explorer… Oh didn’t I mention about those two? Yep, two bonafide explorers were at the party having just undertaken a very special challenge – Aaron and Gareth took a break from their current and on going expedition Brazil 9000 to instead take an Ibis Sweet Bed to the top of Devil’s Mountain and get the ultimate sleep! Ha! In freezing temperatures and with a massive bed on their backs could this have proved an adventure too far?


Gareth and Aaron about to show off their film!

Take a look at the trailer for the film they made about the expedition!

Well, I’ve seen the full version of that film and can you believe it? They did it! Pretty awesome stuff and testament to just how comfy that Sweet Bed is eh! I might not have got to sleep in one but I did get to play on one with my friends, of course Alice but also the lovely Stephanie from Miss Mamo’s World and Lauren from Mummy Is A Gadget Geek!


Bloggers in bed!

There were lots of other bloggers there too and I had a lovely time chatting  with Chelsea who is MS Mummy Of Two and it was fab to see Lisa from New Mum On Line again. The room was positively packed with journos all clambering to get a try on the bed which is causing such a stir! What an advertising campaign eh! No wonder people are interested but it would have to be a great bed to keep eyes peeled and it certainly seems like it is! You can read all about what makes this bed so sweet here! Or of course even better would be to actually book a room at Ibis and try one for yourself! I had no idea Ibis was so swish looking! The party was held in the lobby of the Ibis London Euston St Pancras hotel and it was gorgeous! The bar tender also made a pretty good cocktail it has to be said!

There are now 1000 Ibis Hotels worldwide, they are definitely doing something right and with the Sweet Bed that can only make the experience even better. Perhaps next time I will get to sleep in one and won’t have to play Cinderella at midnight catching the last tube home whilst trying to figure out why everyone was asking me exactly what sort of party I’d been at?! The hashtag for the evening was #Ibisexpedition!

It was a fab night with lots of fun, thanks to all at Ibis for organising!

I have not been paid to write this post.


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  1. WHAT A FAB REVIEW of an awesome night. I loved the bed, the cocktails, the video of the amazing expedition, and actually Euston Ibis itself which is really really premium it has to be said. I must dig my photo booth photos of me on the bed out of my handbag and write my post. Was wonderful to see you, you all looked SO incredibly glamorous.

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