Say It With CARAT London!

Say It With CARAT London!

I’ve always been a fan of jewellery with changing styles over the years. As a teenager I wore hippy-ish brightly coloured plastic rings so big you could knock someone out and dangled all sorts of layers of beads around my neck like I was trying to keep a plastic bead making factory in business single handedly. Later on, when I started working in London and wanted the finer things in life but couldn’t quite make my pocket meet, I would buy high street alternatives to the very high end pieces I lusted after in magazines and now, in my forties, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to jewellery (and I still love it), less is more and choosing a few key pieces which actually are the high end versions and not a “dupe” is the way forward.

The jewellery I wear now has meaning which I think is very important. I wear a necklace almost daily with my children’s names engraved upon it and I have a selection of rings which I alternate but are all very special. I wear a chunky bracelet my Grandmother bought in an auction and I rarely add to my collection unless it’s something very lovely indeed.

I’ve recently been gifted the Lexi Bracelet Silver (£279) from CARAT London and it is a new piece which I know is going to become a thorough favourite. One to be taken out of the box and worn often. It’s an understated silver with white Cubic Zirconia. The stones are tiny and offer a very classy sparkle which doesn’t dazzle people into thinking you’ve raided a costume jewellery dress up box but sayd more that this is a timeless and classic piece of jewellery. Just what I’m after these days.

A classic tennis bracelet is one staple I’m glad I now have on my wrist. The signature to the style adjustable slider (from 13cm to 21cm) means it can sit exactly as you choose on the arm and for me this is a little loose, a little relaxed and to show that as well as being special this is a piece of jewellery that can be worn with anything. From black tie formals to white shirts and barefoot on the beach this is a really gorgeous bracelet worthy of my now minimal jewellery box fodder. I’m really rather keen!

CARAT London offer 28 day returns and free shipping when you spend over £200. This bracelet comes in a gorgeously substantial box which would be to the delight of anyone opening.


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