Schleich Riding Arena!

Florence likes the idea of riding more that she actually likes the riding itself it has to be said. She’s usually a very brave little thing but something about riding makes her a tad apprehensive and I wouldn’t say it’s her natural comfort zone when in the saddle. She’s only been a couple of times saying that and despite the being a little frightened I’d say she’s managed to enjoy it anyway… In the end. I guess the more you do it then the more brave you become. It IS sitting on a horse after all and to be fair, I feel a little scared when doing that too!

Florence's first proper riding lesson!
Florence’s first proper riding lesson which we did together. It was ages ago now but she still remembers it!
They're both excellent quality but I will say this, the sizes are a little out. Florence is small for her age when it comes to clothing yet the age 5-6 fleece was the perfect fit for her. The jodhpurs however, also age 5-6, were ENORMOUS!
Her second lesson came about a year later and we haven’t been since so I think we should try to go more often and she’d get into the swing of it!

She wouldn’t SAY that it makes her frightened but I KNOW, from watching, that her little brave face just gets too anxious when the horse starts to trot but that doesn’t mean she isn’t fascinated by the whole process. If I told her tomorrow that we were going riding then she’d be absolutely thrilled just as she was when the Schleich Riding Arena turned up on our doorstep for her to review.

Playing at horse riding lessons is certainly NOT something which carries a little piece of being scared for Florence and as soon as she saw the set she couldn’t wait to play with it! Having been riding she knew exactly what to do with the set which is just like a real life one and has been having fun with it ever since.

The Schleich Riding Arena!
The Schleich Riding Arena!

The arena comes with a horse, a rider, a bale of hay and separate carrots, two jumps, a fence which clips together and goes all the way around it, a horses coat and lots of other riding gear. Because we’re Schelich fans we happened to have another couple of horses which go well with the set too and Florence has been having the most wonderful make believe small world pay times with the set! She even roped in her HappyLand farm set to join in with the fun and I absolutely love that innocence in her playing that she can make all her characters, no matter how big or small or what make, together to make one big game.

We think Schleich animals (and dinosaurs Jimmy would say) are beautiful and they will last a life time. Hand painted and perfect in every detail they are just lovely to both look at and play with and in fact Jimmy got a lot of the zoo animals fr his birthday which he’s been loving. The riding arena is perfect and both Florence and Jimmy have been having masses of fun with it!

Florence and Jimmy having fun playing with the Schleich Riding Arena!
Florence and Jimmy having fun playing with the Schleich Riding Arena!

Brilliant fun!

I must book her another real riding lesson soon and then she can work on that little bit of fear she has and enjoy it as much as she has been enjoying playing at riding!

We were sent the Schleich Riding Arena for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. Ah this looks like lots of fun! We love Schleich animals – such good quality and so many play possibilities.

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