Should you go for a Magento website?

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Should you go for a Magento website?

So, you’ve started a new hobby during these last crazy months and now are ready to start selling your handmade goods to others. Perhaps you even started gifting your handmade products to your friends and family, and after plenty of good feedback you thought: “why not start my own business?”.

First of all, why not indeed! Starting a new venture is always exciting and, selling things that you’ve made with love and seeing others enjoying them is even more exciting (of course, making money from it is clearly a plus!). So, now that you are ready, the question is where to sell them?

You could go down the marketplace route or you could create your own website. If you are reading this blog post, you are most likely inclined to pursue the latter. So, you’re looking at different platforms to start your eCommerce website. You’ve looked at Shopify, you’ve looked at Wix, you’ve even looked at Squarespace but they seem too limiting.

Someone told you about Magento and it seemed like a good option but what is Magento all about and why should you go for a Magento website? Today, I’ve partnered up with Ad Lab, Magento Agency UK, who know more than a fair bit about the platform. So, I thought they were the ideal experts to talk about Magento.

Who is Ad Lab?

Ad Lab is a Magento agency based in Hertfordshire that helps businesses all across the country thrive online. They have a team of Magento developers who can develop beautiful designs made by their in-house website designers. Plus, Ad Lab is an Adobe Solutions Partner, meaning they are highly proficient in the industry.

What is Magento?

As Midlands Traveller explains in a recent blog post, Magento is an “open-source eCommerce platform suitable to build a wide variety of eCommerce websites, from start-ups to large enterprises.” So, whether you are starting your business or want to scale your current eCommerce business Magento is a great choice.

Magento is divided into two categories: Magento Open Source and Magento Enterprise (now renamed Adobe Commerce). Open Source is the free version of Magento whilst Magento Enterprise is the paid version and better suitable for more established eCommerce shops.

Kate on Thin Ice says that Magento is ideal for “anyone that wants to start or expand their eCommerce business.” And I think so too! Magento is user-friendly, versatile, offers high security, and can be easily scalable, so it can grow with your business.

What do you think of Magento?


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