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Last week I was looking to buy a thank you gift of Vodka to give our bulders who have gone above and beyond on our mammoth house renovation this summer. I don’t really drink Vodka myself, bad experiences in my youth with that and Cider have left me a little green when thinking about them, so I don’t know much about what’s good and only really have on my radar what’s bad! I looked around in the supermarkets but there’s neither much information about the bottles they sell or many options to choose from anyway and I wanted to buy something a little personal, a little different and perhaps something they might not buy for themselves. So… I turned then to my favourite on line booze retailer I’ve written reviews for these guys in the past many times and I know that their site is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for and it also gives plenty of info on what you’re buying. Tie it in with the fact they sell lots of specialities of EVERYTHING and more importantly that even with a delivery charge (this can be avoided altogether if you spend over £100) it very often works out cheaper than buying elsewhere and it HAD to be my shop of choice.

I looked, I found what I was after and ordered (my order came to under £100 so I did pay the £5.95 next day delivery fee) and it definitely was less expensive than anywhere else I found with the same bottles which were ones you can’t just pick up anywhere on the high street. Result! And then of course, without leaving the house the bottles were delivered to me the very next day ready for me to make my thanks to Anglian Carpentry who in my opinion are absolutely fantastic. If you’re looking for a loft or garage conversion or a lovely new kitchen (we had two out of three) in Norfolk, Suffolk or the surrounding areas then these are definitely your guys but I’ll be writing a whole post about their brilliance in the next few weeks when everything is shiny and beautiful enough with the build for me to photograph it and show y’all properly.

While I was on line ordering the thank you bottles (which I paid for and were most definitely not gifted to me for review), I also DID have the lovely offer of choosing something else to write about which 31Dover did send to me as a gift in order that I could write about them here… That’s not to say they are any less worthy of a mention though because I think I may just have found my perfect drink…

I HAD decided that September was going to be a month of alcohol free virtuous behaviour. Primarily because I am trying to be on a diet and lose a bit of weight and it’s full of sugar but then this little offer came in and hey, I’m no saint so instead I have rationed myself to weekend drinks only and to be ‘good’ during the week. That’s much more do-able I feel and now that I’ve found this little beauty at 31Dover I don’t even feel lke I’m being naughty and cheating on my diet because… Wait for it… They have a Prosecco (my drink of choice) which contains only 67 calories. Yes! 67! Thomson and Scott Skinny Prosecco is basically a diet version of Prosecco! GET IN! I got so excited by it that after a few sips of the delicious bubbles (which is also organic and chemical free) I started abusing social media and hastily (wothout make-up or thought) actioned a Facebook Live post, added a video to my Instagram Story and Tweeted a mini vid all about it. Apologies for my bedraggled appearance but this is me on Friday night having just discovered SKINNY PROSECCO – Do you think I look excited enough?!

It’s not the cheapest I suppose at £17.95 (or a magnum comes in at £39.95) but let’s look at the facts here. It looks like Prosecco. It tastes like Prosecco (only is very clear and crisp so it tastes quite like very expensive Prosecco). It IS Prosecco! And it only has 67 Calories per glass…

67 Calories per glass of Prosecco is really quite low, especially when you look at what else you can have for under 100 kcals:

  • 20 olives = 68 calories
  • 14 almonds = 98 calories
  • One shiny red apple = 100 calories
  • 10 salted peanuts = 74 Calories
  • 3 celery sticks stffed with cottage cheese = 75 calories
  • 6 dried apricots = 100 calories
  • 2 tuna nigri sushi rolls = 98 calories
  • 8 cashew nuts = 100 calories
  • 1 pear = 100 calories
  • 2tsp of hummus with a carrot = 100 calories

Oooooor… 30 grapes = 100 calories… I say employ a middle man, make it into SKINNY PROSECCO and turn it into 67. Less chewing and way more fun!

more wild eyes Skinny Prosecco eyes from me!

Thomson & Scott SKINNY Prosecco is the delicious (and it is, it really is) brainchild of entrepreneur Amanda Thomson who was raised sugar-free. She made it her mission to bring to the market beautifully crafted drinks with the benefit of no and low sugar and her Skinny Prosecco boasts all the traits of a traditional Prosecco, but with 50% less sugar. Not only that, but Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco is organic and suitable for vegans – guilt free sipping indeed! I will be buying it again. And again. And again! I loved it!

While I supping the skinny Prosecco Jonny tucked into his favourite tipple of Whisky with a new one he’s not tried before. The Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky is also a 31Dover delight and at £49.95 for 70cl it’s a bit of a treat but one definitely worth having for not just the enjoyment in the drinking but as a massive dinner party talking point.


Nikka Coffey Grain is distilled in a “Coffey still” and is a rare patent imported to Japan from Scotland in the 1960s. It is believed that these old Coffey stills yield a distillate with more flavour and depth than modern column stills, imparting a distinct character that defines the Nikka house blends. The Nikka Coffey Grain is a complex whisky that boasts a mellow and sweet taste, originating from the grain itself.

They say: On the nose, fruity sweetness of mango, candied orange peel and soft spice which opens to a thicker toffee flavour balanced with biscuit and fresh vanilla. Whilst not particularly long-lasting, the finish is rich and vibrant. Exotic, fruity and alluring, with an immense amount of character, bourbon and grain whisky fans will be pleased with this unconventional Japanese release.

Jonny says: It hit the mark for him as a drink to be enjoyed at the end of a meal or as a sophisticated night cap. He found the smell to be deep and just what he’s looking for in a Whisky and found the heritage of the bottle really enticing before he drank it but was pleased to note it didn’t disappoint. He called it a ‘big boy whisky’ and one to be shared with the lads. One to get out and impress with as the amber liquid pours thickly into a heavy tumbler to meet the standard of the drink. 

It’s a really lovely bottle with a nod to the Japanese in its clear to the point design and as far as I’m concerned (as a non whisky drinker) it’s an aesthetically pleasing addition to the liquor cabinet.


So… Hopefully the builders are pleased with the bottles of Vodka we bought them as a gift. We are yest again impressed with the delivery and service (not to mention the price). Jonny is thrilled with his new talking point Whisky and as for me… Well, I’m just happy for another glass of Skinny Prosecco please – what an invention! Wowsers!


I was gifted the Skinny Prosecco and Coffey Grain Whisky from 31Dover for the purposes of review however all opinions are entirely my own and I frequently use this company (as I mentioned doing so also within this post) because I genuinely think they provide a great service. We shall be back for more no doubt 31Dover!

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