People ALWAYS ask me where I got my Bvlgari sunglasses from and when I say the brand they’re like, oh… REALLY expensive then and I’m always happy to tell them that actually, they came from SmartBuyGlasses with a massive discount and didn’t cost anywhere near the sum anyone might assume!

I flipping love these sunnies from SmartBuyGlasses!

I’m a bit of a sunglasses fanatic truth be told and these are not, by any stretch, my only pair but they are 100% my absolute favourites and though they are old now, scratched from sand and slightly out of shape where a toddler bottom parked itself upon them, I still wear them summer upon summer (and winter upon winter) because they’re just so gorge!

I’ve shopped with SmartBuyGlasses a number of times now and I love how they operate with a fast delivery and easy to use website. They also have absolutely loads of choice always and because sun glasses are very individual this couldn’t be better. Choosing that perfect pair and making sure glasses suit your personality (and face) is key, but it needs to be affordable too and this is just another massive perk when it comes to this retailer. Widely recognised as one of the top places to buy glasses online,, who sell an enormously wide range of styles from the biggest designers, all with a best price guarantee, is the place to visit. They also stock hundreds of eyewear styles in their cheap glasses collection, with frames from as little as £6 – yep, £6!

I might have just chosen me a couple more pairs for this summer… Well, with prices and styles like these it would be rude not to!

Collaboration with SmartBuyGlasses.