SnapWatch – The Happy Snappy Way To Tell The Time

SnapWatch – The Happy Snappy Way To Tell The Time!

My boys are both very into the idea of having a watch but I wouldn’t say either one of them copes particularly well with a watch. Jimmy has one with a step counter on it but he finds it hard to do the strap up meaning he leaves it off most of the time and Raffie hasn’t yet been old enough (or with big enough wrists) to find one perfect for him. In step SnapWatch!

SnapWatch are a child friendly way of wearing a watch with a strap which literally snaps around the wrist (meaning it fits all sizes) with a flexible LED screen display which can show the time in both 12 and 24 hour clock formats digitally.

The time piece can bend and roll and the time be seen whether the strap is wrapped around a wrist or flat and they come in 6 cool designs! We went with a shark one for Raffie (as he’s mega into sea creatures – especially sharks) and for Jimmy we chose a plain black as at 8 he wants to be a bit more grown up!

Raffie’s shark band!
With its digital LED display!

The watches are really easy for Jimmy to put on himself and though Raffie struggled at first he soon got the hang of it. He can’t yet tell the time either with a 12 or a 24 hour clock but he’s beginning to learn about time and that this tells it so it will be a great way of learning for him. Jimmy, who goes to the local park with his cousin NEVER has any idea what the time is but he has no excuses for being late home now as he totally gets how to tell time and this watch is one he can absolutely cope with putting on and taking off on his own!

Great little watch for these boys of mine and in fact, a great little watch for anyone – children or adults – I wore Jimmy’s the other day when my FitBit wasn’t charged up!

A great idea and fab price at £14.99 the SnapWatch is a great way to learn about time and a very easy way to be introduced to wearing a watch, They stay on very well and look great – massive thumbs (or wrists) up from us!

We were gifted the SnapWatch in this post as part of a collaboration.

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