Snooze baby snooze!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting!

Now, originally I was going to review the Snoozeshade Original  (£19.99) as it was the only ‘Snooze’ buggy product we hadn’t used yet but silly old me forgot to flipping pack it! I don’t know how, it was on my list but somehow the organisational skills I was trying very hard to apply were somehow failed and I made a boo boo. I will in that case review the original sometime soon on another post but seeing as I did remember to pack the SnoozeShade Plus (£29.99) (it actually goes everywhere with me so it’s not likely that I’d forget that) and because I found yet another use for it while we were away I thought I’d write another review of the product I would never go on holiday without! Hands down, this is the best baby gadget we have, period! Seriously, of everything we have bought, reviewed or been given as gifts this is the one gadget that I just can’t imagine not having and think everyone with babies should buy! Look at most of my photos where the buggy is and you’ll see the ‘Plus’ firmly on my buggy either in use or waiting for the moment when it will undoubtedly be needed!

I first reviewed the ‘Plus’ in my post Turkish Delightfulafter my holiday last year and we have used it constantly since then.  Florence never liked to be completely covered while she was going to sleep but we used to use it after she dozed off and it certainly prolonged naps. She also didn’t like it over her completely when in the sun shine but we were always able to strategically place it so that it was covering the side the sun was coming in like a wind break but for the sun. That’s the thing about this product, you can just use it in whatever way you like, there are no rules! There’s plenty of velcro tabs and if you don’t want to attach it in the way it is specifically designed then you can just make up your own way! I’ve always thought it knocks socks off the other shade we had from a different manufacturer! I knew I was going to be taking it on holiday for Jimmy this time as we use it all the time and he is very comfortable with the ‘Plus’. He doesn’t mind it over him and I’m certain it helps him go to sleep when otherwise he might be kept awake by exciting things going on distracting him from slumber and ultimately making him a bit grumpy! The fact it is made with material with SPF 50+ means that when in the sunshine it’s the perfect product also, hence my never going on holiday without it! This is NOT just a blackout blind for on the move!

I often check on my sleeping children even when we’re just at home and they’re in bed, I can’t help myself and I often disturb them when doing so which drives my husband mad! The ‘Snoozeshade Plus’ has a handy zip at the top meaning you can take a sneaky peak and make sure the baby is ok without too much disturbance at all! I love that! There’s also a whole panel which can be unzipped making the double panel into a single and enabling the baby to see out more clearly whilst still being protected! It’s a great idea because it would be a shame to have them in complete darkness and miss out on seeing things when they don’t actually want or need to be asleep!

Taking a sneaky peak at a sleeping Jimmy whilst on holiday.

We literally used this every day and quite honestly even though we find the ‘black out blind effect’ helpful it’s the sun protecting quality that makes me love it so much! I can’t stand normal parasols, all the faffing around getting it in the right place and making sure it fits and stays up… What a bore and why bother when there’s this alternative?! The other use I found for it on this holiday was inspired by another product we took on holiday, the Bundlebean. I saw how when carrying a baby in a sling you could use the Bundlebean to wrap around you and saw absolutely no reason why you couldn’t do the same, but for sun protection instead of warmth! On a journey back from the beach when Florence was tired it seemed more sensible to push her and carry Jimmy so in order to protect him from the glare I attached two of the velcro fasteners round my neck and covered him up with the ‘Plus’! Nifty eh! Can’t wait for the next holiday and the ‘Plus’ will most certainly be coming on it with us then too!

Florence playing in the pool and Jimmy taking a nap in the buggy with the help of the ‘Plus’. We always placed the buggy in the shade but when on the move it’s hard to stay out of the sun 100% of the time so we found this product invaluable!

(All opinions and words, apart from those in green, are my own. I have not been paid for this article although I did receive some products to keep after I had reviewed them.)