Snowdonia Cheese Company Christmas Hampers!

Snowdonia Cheese Company Christmas Hampers!

I love cheese! I mean I realise this is a rather lame statement because who doesn’t like cheese but it really does encompass the whole thing because I love cheese whether it’s a Mini Babybel, but I also love cheese when it’s cave-aged, unctuous, super special and oozing with sophistication. And at Christmas there is no better time to push the boat out when it comes to cheese; although I do have a rather brilliant Christmas related Mini Babybel story that I won’t leave before telling you about but first… Let me tell you about the Snowdonia Cheese Company’s Christmas hampers for 2022! They ARE delicious!

So, I know they are delicious because lucky old me (I know, it IS a tough job) and I was sent one of their yummy hampers to test out and write about before the Christmas season really kicks off. The Snowdonia Cheese company make lots of hampers and gifting from as little as £19.95 with free delivery when you spend over £35. If you order now you are guaranteed that it will last until the big day with sell by dates being no earlier than 2023 and wow, there’s a lot to choose from. Cheese towers to Christmas cheese, charcuterie and fine wine hamper wicker hampers with many price point presents in between! I was sent the Christmas Cheeseboard Hamper (£70) which comes with: Five exquisite cheeses, 3 delicious chutneys, all butter wholemeal crackers, Sicilian olives, salted caramel figs and a small slate serving board.

Let’s take a closer look at the contents shall we…

200g each of Black Bomber (Extra Mature Cheddar), Red Storm (Vintage Red Leicester) and Beechwood (Mature Cheddar naturally smoked over beechwood chips) and 150g each of Truffle Trove (Extra Mature Cheddar with Black Summer Truffle) and Rock Star (A distinctively rich cave-aged Cheddar)!
100g of Balsamic Caramelised Onion Chutney, 114g of Fig and Apple Chutney and 114g of Rhubarb and Gin Chutney! And the small slate serving board!
Olives Et Al Simply Nocellara Belice Sicillian Olives (250g)!
125g of All Butter Wholemeal Crackers!
142g of Rabitos Royale Salted Caramel Figs (chocolates of epic proportions basically)!
And together this makes up the Christmas Cheeseboard Hamper from the Snowdonia Cheese Company!

And of course you get the actual hamper, this one is made from paper rope, to keep and repurpose in your home, I hate it when something calls itself a hamper but actually turns up in a cardboard box that LOOKS like a hamper. No! That’s NOT a hamper, it’s a box, if I wanted a box I’d have ordered a box, I want the hamper to repurpose, thank you very much! Sorry, just a bug bear of mine!


My favourite of the cheeses is a toss up between the Truffle Trove:

So good!
And the Black Bomber which is so creamy and tantalising on the tongue I think it just has to have the edge!

And I did say I’d tell you that Christmas related Mini Babybel story didn’t I?! Well, it is a good one (and I appreciate the Babybel really isn’t compared to the Snowdonia Cheese Company cheeses) I have to say. Jimmy was chosen to play Joseph in his nursery nativity play and afterwards he asked me “but why didn’t I get a Mini Babybel?” turns out he thought when they were talking about the Baby Jesus he’d thought they were saying Baby Cheeses and was expecting a Mini Babybel treat for all his Joseph performing efforts – I’ll always love that story!

Don’t worry, mini Joseph got his Mini Babybel!


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