Splash About New Baby Wrap And Happy Nappy – Review!

Splash About New Baby Wrap And Happy Nappy – Review!

I’ve been using Splash About Happy Nappies for a LONG time – in fact if you go way back on my blog you will see I was talking about them even when Florence was tiny. I remember thinking that they were quite expensive at a tenner each (as they were then) but noting that they did the job so, you obviously got what you paid for plus they look great, always have done, being way more attractive than other swim nappies!

Nine years later I’m still using them on the baby of the family and actually, at £10.99 the price hasn’t gone up much at all! Plus, I still use the ones that I kept from the first time around so their lastability proves their worth I feel and if that’s not enough to convince you then let’s just paint a picture for you… When we were on holiday last year the swimming pool got closed on a number of occasions – we were never the reason thank goodness (because on one day we did risk it with a built in swim nappy to an SPF suit from M&S and when the accident came it was grim but thankfully it was sunbed side and NOT pool!) because can you imagine how embarrassing that would be?! I fully trust the Happy Nappy and use it weekly on two or three occasions at my health club where again, we have NEVER been the reason for a pool closure… I’d like to keep it that way so I’ll stick with the happy nappies thank you very much!

Raffie in one of his Splash About wraps when he was three months old!

So Raffie has been swimming since he was only about 8 weeks old and it would have been sooner had I not had a C-Section. Knowing that you’re using the best products with such a tiny baby is very important and I’ve no doubt in my mind that Splash About are one of the best! As well as wanting the safety net of a Happy Nappy, I mostly use Splash About BabyWraps and Wetsuits with him too because they keep the baby warm and cosy as well as offering freedom of movement which is what swimming is all about when you’re tiny. The pool I’m a member of is warm but babies still get really cold really quickly and because we like to swim for a while I always want to make sure he’s as warm as possible. I love the material on both (2mm thick neoprene) on both the suits and wraps but for me the wraps have the edge on being my favourite because they’re SO easy to put on and take off the baby. They Velco fastening means they can be laid out completely flat before wrapping around the baby (it’s a wrap, durrrrrrrr) and done up as tightly as you like. For me there’s nothing easier on the market that works as well and we LOVE the colours and prints of them too – Raffie’s latest is the Under The Sea print which is an online exclusive!

Love the new Under The Sea print which we have on the BabyWrap and the Happy Nappy from Splash About!

The Baby Wrap£19.99, is a perfect choice for active babies and toddlers as it provides core body warmth but leaves arms and legs free to move without restriction and like I said, the opening completely flat for ease of dressing with size adjustable Velcro (so that it will fit as baby grows) is hard to rival and when you couple all of that with the fact the material is UPF 50+ it’s a brilliant purchase!


We of course have the matching Happy Nappy, £10.99, which for this new season has been improved even more. Swim schools, pool owners and leisure facilities request babies to wear Splash About Happy Nappies globally to help protect other babies and swimmers from faecal accidents in the water – makes sense! They are made from the same super soft neoprene and shaped into two back pieces, which cup the baby’s bottom. These are held securely in place by a gusset whilst specialist waist and leg fabric grips comfortably, yet snugly, to your child’s body. This ensures that no matter how they move and twist in the water there is no gaping. The front rib of the swim nappy is then designed to roll gently down under the tummy button to form a seal against the neoprene. You wear the Happy Nappy with a Nappy Wrap, £4.99, underneath and use Nappy Liners, £2.50, for maximum ease. Believe me, I have used without and wish I’d had a liner in… Let’s just leave it at that!

Raffie is always happy in this suit mostly because it goes on and off very comfortably as well as because they have such bright patterns. He wouldn’t notice anything else about it I’m sure but as a parent who’s used other styles I can tell you this one is the one I’d recommend!

In collaboration with Splash About who gifted us the products in these photographs. We do however buy Splash About products and all recommendations are made with complete honesty.