Splash About’s New Legionnaire Hats!

Splash About’s New Legionnaire Hats!

Keeping little ones safe from the sun’s harmful rays can be tricky, especially when they’re having fun and sometimes it can feel like a full time job slathering them in lotion every hour (while forgetting about yourself if you’re me – won’t make that mistake again!) and if your children are like mine then they will be VERY resistant to the cream making like slippery eels amid a tantrum at the mere sight of a bottle or hint of reapplication!

Still, it must be done and to help we also always choose a really good suit with SPF measures so that they are cool enough to not be hot and bothered but still covered. It doesn’t minimise the amount of lotion I use but it does give an extra level of protection and for that I’m super grateful. We love our Splash About swimwear from nappies to wet suits and seeing as they’ve just brought out some new Legionnaire hats we’ve been trying one of those out too!

Raffie has had his Under The Sea Shorty Wet Suit from Splash About for three summers including this one and it still fits so it made sense to choose his hat in the same design. The Legionnaire Hat comes in a variety of patterns and like the suits is made with UPF50+ material to offer extra sun protection against burning. Elasticated for a comfortable fit, a peaked front to shield the eyes and a flap at the back to protect the neck makes this the perfect sun hat for any little one. It comes in ages 1-3 or 3-6 and is quick drying which is also a bonus. It costs £9 and is worth every penny!

Peak at the front, flap at the back and UPF50+ material making this hat super safe for little ones!

I think the days that get us the worst when it comes to burning are those which are a little overcast and not as obvious. We can all be guilty of not noticing at times but with suits and hats like this the littles are covered from the off. The suits are also made of the same material as wet suits so they do go a level I to keeping them warm in the cold UK seas. Lush!

Raffie loves sea creatures and so we always opt for this print but with Posie’s middle name being Honeybee I’ve spied some bees on another of their prints for her!
This suit is in its third summer and still going strong. I’d say the new hat is only ever so slightly brighter in colour with it being new, not that you can see it here!

We were gifted the products in this post as part of a collaboration.