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Ever since we had our lightly coloured, expensive carpets fitted (I know, what were we thinking with small children?) I have been paranoid that things will be spilt on them. No one is allowed to wear shoes inside and on the odd occasion when this rule has been broken it has always ended badly! Jonny once didn’t take Florence’s shoes off and she’d trodden in you know what… I could have cried but thankfully it all came out. And thankfully Jonny is the one who cleaned it all up! I also never allow red wine unless you are in my kitchen… I’m just so worried about stains! Obviously with a house which contains a toddler there are spillages no matter how hard I try to avoid them. Florence has a great big mat she eats her tea sitting over but still sometimes food gets on the carpet and luckily, most of the time I can get the stain out. However, there has been a stain from chocolate which is as stubborn as a mule. Goodness knows how it got there or when but because it was obviously there for some time before anyone noticed it proved even harder to get up and frankly, even though I tried absolutely everything there was still a mark there (worse for having tried to clean it) until I used Vax Spot and Stain Cleaner.

I’d tried everything from salty water (my natural cleaning book suggested this was all it would take) to other leading brands of carpet cleaner (all quite a bit pricier than the Vax) and nothing really worked, everything involved water and if I’m honest the stain was made even worse than before. Where I did have a tiny spot of chocolate I then had a large circle of dark… I know no one else noticed but I did and it really irked me. My carpets were a luxury we couldn’t really afford so I have a priority to keep them looking wonderful and it upset me that I had basically ruined an area simply by trying to clean it with the wrong thing. Now it was suggested to me that I use the Vax Spot and Stain Cleaner and I did kind of assume it would be another no hoper but my sister-in-law swears by it and because it is only £2.99 I thought I’d give it a go. And… IT WORKS! Super easily as well. The instructions say to spray it on, wipe it away and vacuum over it. No water and no mess. I seriously didn’t believe it but my mark absolutely has gone. I wanted to show before and after pictures but unfortunately I took them on my camera phone which is a bit rubbish and you can’t really see how good the effect is but please take my word for it, it’s definitely worth trying! They even say it works on red wine! Well, IF my husband ever manages to get me to let him in the living room with a glass of red and he accidentally spills I know what I’ll be using!

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