Sparkle and Glitter!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting!

I am a dolly geek! There, I’ve said it! I had hundreds of them when I was a little girl and I never got tired of them either. From the moment my Grandma took me to buy my first Cindy (of the big-headed variety way back when she wasn’t half as pretty she is today) and ended up buying me two because I couldn’t choose between them, I have loved my dolls with a passion. Was it the small world play? The dressing them up? The shoes? (Probably the shoes) I don’t know, I think it was everything really. I just loved playing with them and my imagination was vivid and bright when I and my friend Angela would spend hours setting up the house, organising who was what character, deciding on a story line and finally acting it out… Ah, I remember those days well…

So now my daughter is coming up to three and she’s started being interested in the same things I was. It was inevitable with a Mummy like me who played with these sorts of toys even at 12 years old that she would follow in my footsteps. And I’m really rather pleased she has! Obviously because it means that I get to play with them all over again only this time… This time they’re even better! So there’s a new dolly on the market since I was a girl and they’re called ‘Bratz’ Obviously to the little girl of the moment they are not new at all but to me they are a whole new thing altogether. Of course I’ve heard of them, who hasn’t? But I’ve never actually come face to face with one… Until now! This week I’ve, sorry Florence (we all know it’s me – who am I kidding), has been reviewing one of the ‘Bratz’ dolls latest collection from the Chic Mystique. We have the Yasmin dolly and she’s beeeeeeautiful! but not trying to be the perfect version of a real woman. I think with ‘Bratz‘ because of the big eyes and other characteristics you can see they are characters and not trying to show little girls how they should want to look when they grow up. I like that.

Ok, so this range is four dolls with pretty dresses that can transform them into mysterious bird-like creatures with wings! They go from dolly to winged beauty in seconds! Totally love it! Our ones dress is inspired by the flamingo and absolutely the one I would choose! The wings form part of her dress and then… She’s transformed! I love the accessories, they are of great quality as are the clothes and the hair is über brushable; she even comes with her own stand – now that would have made me happy when I was little and always trying to get mine to stand up. I would have loved this dolly as a little girl, hell; I do love her as an adult! Her pink hair is marvelous and when you brush it, it doesn’t ruin the style which is always a plus! I love her big eyes, make up, everything really; she’s just so girly and that’s what little girls like! Sparkles and pink and you get that here in abundance. The one thing I personally am not so keen on is that you can’t take off her shoes. I always liked my dolls shoe collection and it was a big deal to me having extra shoes for my dolls. I guess I might be the only one though? Having removable shoes does increase the little parts aspect which means bits to be lost or worse swallowed so I expect it’s a good thing really. All in all a great doll, one to be played with and a fantastic addition to the wonderful ‘Bratz’ collection! Now that I’ve been introduced to them I might have to make Florence have a collection of the lovely little things!

This would be a really exciting present for any little girl!

(All opinions and words, apart from those in green, are my own. I have not been paid for this article although I did receive some products to keep after I had reviewed them.)