We’re Hoppin’, We’re Poppin’

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting!

Florence hasn’t been particularly interested in playing board games before now but very recently has shown a big interest in us all playing something together which is lovely and a board game is just the ticket. Playing board games is something I love doing, it’s traditional and friendly, involves no technology and it reminds me of my own child hood. In fact it reminds me of my adult hood too! Call me a geek if you will but Jonny and I played lots of Scrabble, Monopoly and cards before we had children and now that we can play with Florence too it’s even more special! Obviously we’re a long way from Scrabble so we needed to choose a game within her capabilities, something that’s fun, she won’t need to rigidly stick to the rules at but that we can all have a go at playing together as a family and boy have I found a good’n’! She has shown particular interest toPoppin Hoppies whenever she has seen it in the shops or catalogues but because it was 5+ I thought it might be a bit beyond her. However, we were asked to review it so I thought why not and actually I’m very pleased we did because it’s well within her capabilities and is absurdly fun!

So what are the rules? The Poppin’ Hoppies (spring-loaded characters with suction cups) are depressed at the same time then all players have to catch them as and when they pop up. When one is caught the player earns a plastic figure piece of the same color as the Hoppie caught to use to build the figure of a man. In the proper rules matching colored pieces can not touch, each figure must have pieces of all 4 colors and no more than two pieces of one color are allowed in a figure (We obviously relaxed the rules somewhat). The first player to construct a whole figure wins! There is much hilarity as each Hoppie pops up at a different times and a big scramble for the catch! Lots of laughter and with a few tweaks at almost 3 one Florence can totally enjoy! I think this would be a good Christmas Eve game. I intend to give my children games on Christmas Eve as a new tradition and this one would be a perfect choice! (I reckon it could also be quite a fun drinking game for adults too)! 😉

(All opinions and words, apart from those in green, are my own. I have not been paid for this article although I did receive some products to keep after I had reviewed them.)