Starting Nursery!

It seems only five minutes since Florence started nursery and yet somehow, this week, Jimmy has begun his academic journey… He turned three on the second of May and so on the first of June, Monday this week, he stepped into a classroom for the first time.

We’ve done a settling in week where I stayed with him for the first visit and have left him a bit longer and a bit longer each day. Today, Friday, he will be staying for lunch and then I’ll pick him up at 1pm but next week he will begin a normal routine. He is going to do two full days and one half a day, exactly as Florence did and I think he’s going to love it!

He’s had a few tears when I’ve left him each time but the teachers assure me he has been happy shortly afterwards, not stuck to the adults only and has been playing and making friends as well as getting stuck into the work they do. It’s a school attached nursery which I much prefer. It has qualified teachers and they work to a school routine and wear the school uniform. His playground is opposite Florence’s and they can wave to each other at play time while Jimmy now has the same key worker that Florence did when she was there so it’s all very homely.

My only sadness is that Jimmy will only have a little taster of time at this school I love so much. Soon we are to move to Norwich and things will change. But, for now, I am so pleased he gets to have a little bit of time at our school. He looks tiny in his uniform, so tiny but oh so sweet! I think they should take a picture of my dinky boy with their oldest pupil for posterity and put it on their website. The smallest and biggest, he really IS incredibly cute in his uniform!

My little bundle of gorgeousness on his first day at nursery!
My little bundle of gorgeousness on his first day at nursery!
Being looked after by Florence!
Being looked after by Florence!
Just a little throw back... This was Florence on HER first day at nursery!
Just a little throw back… This was Florence on HER first day at nursery!

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  1. i rember when my started school/nursery think its more of a big deal for us mums!!! glad they have settled well they both look very happy children x.

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