The Right Move?

I’ve been having a lovely weekend but it’s making me feel very sad. That’s a bit of a juxtaposition isn’t it…

It started on Friday at school pick up when Jimmy raced around the playground, happy after his first week at the same school as Florence having begun the nursery on Monday and we waited for friends before walking en masse to our local park.

I’d had a conversation with Florence’s Mr Foxy at the school gate and told him of our move. He seemed genuinely disappointed to be losing my two from his school and I’d had to really pinch myself as I told him the news otherwise I’d have burst into tears. I’m pretty sure he already thinks I’m a lunatic so I wanted to minimise the crazy…

I am absolutely gutted to be taking them away from such a lovely school and I wanted to tell him how much so, he probably wouldn’t care really but I wanted to tell him how much his and his team’s efforts have meant to us this year. Not very long ago, just a few weeks actually, I’d asked for a meeting with him to discuss Florence’s progress. I hadn’t known then that the option of a move was imminent and I’d asked him in depth how he would facilitate my bright daughter for next year because I was worried she may be left to cruise. He took over an hour to talk to me, this is a big school and if everyone asked for this time it would be impossible yet I get the feeling they would somehow do it. No wonder they are considered outstanding in every area by Ofsted. He made me so reassured that Florence was in the exact right place for her and now… I’m whipping her away…

So I had this thought on my mind as my friends and I trotted to the park with picnics and a bottle of wine (it WAS end of play Friday after all) under our buggies. I didn’t cry but just let myself enjoy the moments. The children ran wild around the small park as we sat and chatted. We ate, we drank, we sang happy birthday to one of our little friends and enjoyed cake. We stayed in the park until nearly 9pm. It was nothing special but yet everything wonderful about where I live all rolled into one and it stung my eyes and laid heavy in my heart despite the lovely time.

On the way home, with a bit of wine fueling my emotions probably, I cried buckets. BUCKETS. I LOVE these women I am friends with and I LOVE their children. I am going to miss them SO much.

On Saturday we had a family day out in London. In my beloved London. We went to the o2 to see In The Night Garden Live for the fifth year in a row. We loved it as always and afterwards we went to Five Guys for a burger then took a trip on the Emirates Cable Car before home to the Wanstead Flats for a birthday party. Yet again the children raced around playing 40/40 and Duck Duck Goose as we enjoyed watching them. It was a grand day filled with our friends again and lots of London magic. I couldn’t help the dark cloud that’s covering me at the moment though as I constantly think about being in Norwich next year. Being in Norwich in just a few weeks actually.
In The Night Garden Live 1

I love Norwich but… It doesn’t feel like home anymore. I went to school in London which of course says it’s not far away but it also says that for most of my life I’ve had a connection here and now… After all these years I am cutting it off. I went to drama school near the Barbican and commuted every day from my early teens. It didn’t feel far that hour and 45 minute journey but… Now it feels mammoth! I just don’t know if I can ever adjust to a life in Norwich. It’s a City I know but… Oh goodness, it’s NO London, nowhere is!

But we are going and I know having a house, the impossible feat of staying in London for us, is the best thing.

Our flat is on Rightmove… It looks amazing. It IS amazing. I have been looking at the pictures and knowing we bought the right place even though it’s all wrong now. I’ve often wondered why we didn’t buy a house in the less desirable end of our area. We could have afforded to 8 years ago but instead, with little foresight for children in the future, we bought the flat in the golden location with the great view of the Wanstead Flats… I’ve wondered if we did the wrong thing because if we’d had that house further away then we’d at least still have been able to stay here but… The pictures on Rightmove of my first home owned tell me we’ve been living in the right place for us. And now we have to move, alas… It will work out I am sure. We just have to book the removal men now and it will all be going. If you’re thinking of moving then do look at this service in Chester.

My living room!
My living room!

This room is the hub of our house. It’s where I wrote on the walls before decorating to say ‘we woz ‘ere’, it’s where I sat and held my hours old Florence as a merry line of visitors came to see our perfect baby, it’s where I gave birth to my little Jimmy. This room. This is the room which sold us this house. It’s so light and bright.

My window!
My window!

I’ve watched the sun come up here so many times. I’ve sat in this window watching the world go by and it’s been my favourite place to be. This window. I’ve loved it here.

My bedroom!
My bedroom!

Where I sleep. Where we ALL sleep mostly it has to be said. It’s just a bedroom but it’s mine and I love it. This is where I go to bed early to knit or blog or watch crap TV like TOWIE. This is going to be somebody else’s bedroom soon… How can that be right? It’s such an odd feeling?

Florence and Jimmy's room!
Florence and Jimmy’s room!

But it’s Florence and Jimmy’s room which makes me know we must be doing the right thing even though it hurts so much. Jimmy can’t even sit up in his tiny bed underneath Florence’s yet there isn’t really room for proper bunk beds or two separate beds with enough chests of drawers and toy storage for two children. It was the perfect room for Florence on her own but with a growing brother… I stood on a ladder weeks away from having my baby girl as I painted this room. I remember my bump resting on the wall as I decorated. It will ALWAYS be special but we have outgrown it.

It was a brilliant place to live and right for the time. I’ll always loved having lived here and they always say it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all right?

My first owned home. My first family home. I loved this home and always will!
My first owned home. My first family home. I loved this home and always will!

So… It really is the ‘Right Move’ even though it doesn’t feel like it. This time next week we will have had our open day and we’ve already put an offer in on a house in Norwich… Gosh.

But first there’s still today we are off for another day out with friends. To a London park with a picnic. London really does come alive in the summer and just like that Lilly Allen song I wonder why oh why would I wanna be anywhere else? But, apparently I do…

8 thoughts on “The Right Move?

  1. How sad you are to be moving out of London. I know I would feel similar. But I’m sure the move will be wonderful for your family. And to be able to have a big house and big garden. I’m sure your children will love that!

  2. As much as I have been an advocate of your moving, this post made me cry for a whole host of reasons. Some where I felt what you’re feeling and other bits where you described feelings so colourfully.

    You will make new memories in your new home. There’ll be a new Teacher, new childhood bedroom(s) with an S. At some point you’ll look back on the trajectory you followed and realise it was your destiny. Just like London’s been commutable and loved by you, so too it will be for your adventurous souls when they’re ready to explore the big smoke.

    Having a garden and all that goes with it will be wonderful and if you have a spare room and some sleeping bags all your motley crew can visit. Then beds can be fallen into once the wine under buggies is consumed.

    My best friend has stayed over three times and it’s been way better quality time than we ever had in London and of course I’ve visited her too.

    When you first floated the idea of moving over a year ago I knew it was meant to be. When you then changed your mind I knew the subject would crop up again. For whatever reason Norwich is calling you and it’s a whisper that’s become a shout.

    I think you’ll be well looked after there.

    Liska @NewMumOnline xxxx

  3. You never regret the things you did, only the things you didn’t.

    Your future is calling, embrace it. You’re fav Ruth, and you’ll be just that way in Norwich too! X

  4. I love, love this post and can totally sympathise as I’ve lived in London since 2002 and could never imagine being anywhere else. That said, as life changes so do our priorities and back in 2010 I finally swapped West London for South East London so that we could afford to buy. But in the beginning I cried bucketloads, west was where I’d been before OH and I met, where I’d lived by myself as a fearless 22 year old and had parties in my shitty little flat. Now though I wouldn’t go back. We have a big garden for the dog and more space that we know what to do with. You’ll feel exactly this way about Norwich too, especially once you settle and realise how much more you can give the children.

    And you’ll never be too far away to come back and visit regularly X Good luck X (@daisychainbaby on Twitter)

  5. I really feel your pain! We have lived in London since 1999, had two children here, and they both go to a fantastic local school.

    BUT, we yearn for a larger garden and constantly question if we should live out of town. But I can’t bear the thought! At what point though do I think actually should as it would be better for us all … it is so tough.

    Your flat is gorgeous and Im sure it will be snapped up. Good luck with the move, and don’t look back, no regrets xxxx

    1. Thank you so much. I think it IS right but… I will always long for London. Like a lost first love… Dramatic? Me? Never! 😉

  6. I know this post is a couple of years old!..I wish I’d come across your post about your move to Norwich at the time I was moving – also from my beloved London to Norwich in Sept 2015! Your feelings/concerns completely echoed mine – you could have been my virtual moving buddy! Still confused about where to actually buy in Norwich but feeling much more settled – after signing up to the mums equivalent of Tinder and now trying to get my little home business up and running! How are you finding Norwich/Norfolk like now?

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