The State Of My Floor!

When we moved into our flat it was in a right old state and we had the weirdest flooring ever! Each room seemed to have a different height and the skirting boards started half way up the wall in the living room, it was very odd! Sorting out the floor made the biggest difference and changed everything; it made it look and feel like a proper home for the first time.

I knew to make it look brilliant we had to do something which ran throughout and made the whole flat look like it belonged together rather than mismatched and higgledy! I think I really and truly wanted the original floor boards because I love the way wooden floors look but they were in a terrible state and in the end we opted for carpets. I love them, they are naturally coloured, berber looped and they look fantastic, they are one of the best purchases I ever made!


This is pretty much what my carpets look like!

Carpet 1

And we have an amazing underlay which means they’re really springy and feel gorgeous underfoot as well as helping with sound between the downstairs flat and ours!

Despite loving them, with two small children I think we might have been better off with the wooden flooring! Actually, if we’d have done a bit more research I think we would have found that you absolutely can get affordable laminate flooring which looks excellent. At the time I was so hell bent on having the original floor boards or nothing that I didn’t realise you can get something which looks every bit as good in laminate. I thought to get a brilliant result it would cost the earth!

Carpet 4

You’d never believe that this is laminate flooring! I absolutely love it, it’s Chateau Laminate Flooring from CarpetRight!

Our carpets are great but they certainly don’t look as good as they did when new… With little (and sometimes big) accidental dropping of juice, chocolate and even worse, a crayon dragged around on them they are definitely well used now! I think when you’re a first time home owner you just make decisions without future thinking! When we move and buy a house (soon hopefully) I think I will have carpet on the stairs and really good laminate throughout the rest of the house, with maybe some lovely stone in the kitchen and bathroom.

Carpet 3

I’m totally in love with the Chateau (pictured above) but this is pretty lovely too and I’ve always wanted to paint floor boards white so it would be perfect not to mention a lot less work!

Seeing our flat be decorated and turned into our home because of it, I can’t wait to put my stamp on a new house from the beginning again. I definitely want to move into a project place rather than somewhere all kitted out! If for nothing else, think of all the shopping hours! Call me mad but a day on an industrial estate browsing is one of my favourite things to do! I have houses and decorating in my sights!

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