Stick Man Live 2021!

Stick Man Live 2021!

For years and years, ever since the big kids were tiny, we have enjoyed seeing Stick Man Live at the theatre in London. We missed last year of course, like lots of things, and it was this missing from our calendar that the kids really noticed. It sort of signals the start of the Christmas build up for us, a bit early I know but it’s so super festive that we can’t help but get into the spirit as soon as we’ve seen it. So, with a rubbish and missed event in our 2020 Christmas season we got in early with our October visit for 2021. Stick Man Live is on at the Leicester Square Theatre from now until the 3rd of January and we highly recommend it for getting those festivities started early, after last year don’t we all deserve a bit of an extra long one?!

It really is the most wonderful production and Freckle Productions have been honing their skills for so long with this show I’d say it’s absolutely perfect. The first time we saw it with them Stick Man was played by a Scottish actor and forever more I have read the story with an Edinburgh lilt. Stick Man is exactly as this show displays it to be. It’s actually, dare I say it, better than the book – it is the book coming to life, quite literally! There’s not a lot of shows you could say that about but this one really is and the songs stay with us all year – we are always gutted we can’t find them on Spotify for the car! Take a look at how wonderful the show is here:

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My London pals said to me recently that they missed it, their kids being the same age as our older two and thinking they were too old. I have encouraged them to go regardless because looking at my big two today, they loved it just as much now as they always dud. How could you not?! And as for Raffie, who had a Stick Man birthday cake just a couple of weeks ago (he’s a a mega fan) it was literally the icing for him. We talked about this day for weeks (praying big time COVOD wouldn’t ruin it) and finally it was here. Would it be all he’d hoped for I wondered before he saw it and afterwards I can hand on heart say it absolutely was. And some more!

There is honestly no show I’d rather see with my kids. There’s others which are good, great even, but this one is the best! The absolute best. See it and you’ll see why! I think when our little kids are big we will absolutely still be coming – even if Jonny and I have to go on our own. It’s Christmas in a theatre that’s what it is and I feel so happy we got to go and see it again. Do book if you can!

We were invited to see the show as guests of the theatre.

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