Wroxham Barns Pumpkin Festival 2021!

Wroxham Barns Pumpkin Festival 2021!

Wroxham Barns is a bit of a favourite in this house, even with the bigger kids (who claim to be going on rides for their younger siblings but love it just as much themselves) and since they introduced their all inclusive package a while back, whereby everything on offer is covered by your ticket price, it’s become even more popular. Not just for us but all parents we know who love to go because eliminating that need to spend extra money when you’ve already paid to get in somewhere is music to a parent’s ears! We love the farm, the play areas AND of course the fun fair (all included of course) and we get extra specially excited when they go all out for events like Halloween and Christmas. For this Halloween half term we had to take a trip and see their all new pumpkin festival and we can honestly say it’s better than ever!

We got dressed up for a seasonal visit to Wroxham Barns!

This year for the first time they have grown their very own pumpkin patch where every child is invited to pick a pumpkin to carve before they come home. They had this element last year but not in a home grown patch and the added touch is ever more brilliant! As well as the pumpkin picking there are other hands on activities geared up just for this season including Wilma the Witch’s potion school and maggot racing (Jimmy loved it last year and remembered this as the best bit – he wasn’t disappointed when we went this year either)!

The new pumpkin patch is incredible!
A sight to behold!
And a real treat!
Wheelbarrows big and small are a plenty!
And some of the pumpkins are HUGE!
There’s loads of photo opportunities!
Which is fab and so much fun!
And a carving barn which mine didn’t go to because they decided maximising fun time on the farm was more important and they could make my kitchen messy, carving at home!
At potion school!
Racing maggots!

Every day from the 23rd to the 31st of October Wroxham Barns is offering their spooky days aimed at little ones but absolutely fun for the whole family. The park and farm is decorated beautifully, social distancing measures are in place, the same farm we know and love all year is there to be enjoyed and their Halloween touches make it super perfect!

Of course there’s oodles more fun to be had aside from the Halloween extras and we enjoyed the lot!

Soft play!
And more rides, all included in the ticket price!
There’s a wonderful farm where you can feed the animals but somehow I took no pictures of this, just videoes so Posie is doing her bit for the farm pictures here with her hand me down badger suit!
The inflatable pillow which Jimmy stayed on the entire time we were at the fairground!
Lots of picnic areas and a cafe!
Hot chocolate!
Our staple winter picnic is Heinz soup in a flask, bread rolls with lashings of butter and another flask of hot chocolate with a bag of marshmallows!

Another great day out was had by all in our family, well worth the ticket price of £13.99 per child over the age of 2 (including their pumpkin) or £12.99 per adult (not including a pumpkin) and no wonder, what an excellent day out at a farm which has evolved so much over the years it’s now a real destination thrill seeker aimed at smaller children but to be enjoyed by all! Wonderful!

We carved our Wroxham Barns pumpkins when we got home but there’s a place undercover on the farm with all the equipment and help on hand to do it there and then!

We were gifted our day at Wroxham Barns.