STOMP London – Review!

This time last week we were en route to the capital for a day out and STOMP London was the first thing on our agenda before taking in some 20/20 cricket at Lords. The cricket was great fun but it was absolutely the show which stole the day and the kids haven’t stopped playing ‘STOMP’ ever since – I’m not sure that’s a good thing entirely but I am mighty pleased that we don’t have a metal dustbin with a lid!

STOMP takes the familiar – newspapers, bins – and uses them to create a rhythmic universe exploding with energy, where anything can be turned into a beat, and anybody can pound a pattern! From its humble beginnings in Brighton, with a single drum hung around Luke Creswell’s neck in 1991, STOMP has grown into a phenomenon that has the world dancing to its beat. It’ll set your toes tapping and your pulse racing. It really is amazing and as we sat in awe watching the dancers we couldn’t believe they managed to keep it up for the whoe show – I felt exhausted just watching them!

So clever and so creative I think I have to say my favourite bits were the scenes where it seemed they were improvising and as they did so the most creative music came from the performers. The show sees a very loose story with one character being a bit left out but mainly the actors/dancers/musicians (i’m not sure what to call them really) are just genuinely having fun on stage and showing you what they can do – boy what they can do is AWESOME!

The children thought it was amazing and had eyes out on stalks – it wasn’t really quite like anything they’d seen before and with the loud, loud, LOUD banging they couldn’t get enough! They loved it when the audience were invited to join in which they did with pleasure and it felt a very intimate experience as the theatre (just opposite The Ivy no less) is fairly small and close together. It was an immense experience, one to be repeated for sure and one we can definitely say take your kids to – especially as they go half price (see the website)!

What an entertaining afternoon with the perfect length show for little ones and a brilliant matinee time of 3pm which suited us perfectly!

Outside STOMP London!
Still STOMPING at Lords later that evening!

Stomp is on at the Ambassadors Theatre, London on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, on Sundays at 6pm and with matinee performances at 3pm on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays – the show lasts for 100 minutes with no interval. To book tickets either book on line here or call 02073955405.

We were invited as guests of the show.